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Updated slides from the Amero talk

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  • Updated slides from the Amero talk

    Unfortunately in the whirlwind of technical issues leading up to my talk, I opened the wrong version of my slides which omitted the final recross of the defense expert by the state. My deepest apologies.

    I've posted the final version of the slides for your viewing pleasure. Fortunately for those who could not attend, the slides largely speak for themselves.

    If you saw the "to catch a reporter" shirts that Cal and I were wearing, I've posted the AI file which you should be able to give to any screen printer if you'd like one of your own. If you're having problems opening it, make sure your browser didn't change the extension to for some reason. Just rename it as .ai and it should be fine.

    I really want to thank everyone for coming to my talk and for the wonderful complements I received throughout the weekend. Clearly that was the largest audience before which I've presented and you were a fantastic audience. If we talked individually, give me a little refresher as to who you are as the names and faces tend to run together.

    Thanks again for making the conference a resounding success.

    jur1st, esq.