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Ryan on the Run/Almost Dead Guy's Jacket

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  • Ryan on the Run/Almost Dead Guy's Jacket

    Wasn't sure whether to post it here or on the community section, it seemed to have to do with DC15 more than anything else.

    Just wanted to say that I got Ryan's leather jacket to Miss Polyhazard/Jiggles last night. She was so happy to see it and carried it around to where we had dinner and laughed when she saw the Vandersexx stickers. I hooked her up with a DC15 program and she told me she couldn't make it 'cuz of finanaces and starting a new job...we all know how that goes. She is considering going to Toorcon.

    Anyway, for those of you who knew it was at con, it's home again now. Aggona said that Ryan always had to check his jacket when he flew, but damn, never been so freaked about checking a suitcase in my life. Glad Murphy's law didn't prevail. As soon as I got my suitcase in the baggage claim, I had opened it to make sure it was there.
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