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Hacker Jeopardy 13 offical results for DEFCON 15

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  • Hacker Jeopardy 13 offical results for DEFCON 15

    HACKER JEOPARDY 13 results for DEFCON 15:

    Host: Winn
    Judge/scorekeeper: G. Mark
    Vanna Vinyl: Banasidhe
    Beer Betty: Trinity (Friday), Apples (Saturday)
    Tech crew: larsu, Korey G.

    Winner of the Thirteenth Hacker Jeopardy was KUMQUAT, consisting of Charley, Anuj, and Josh.

    Results for 2007:

    Friday, Aug 3, 2007
    Round 1:
    Dan’s Asshole (Matt, Mac, Eric): -1,000 points
    Kumquat (Charley, Anuj, Josh): 2,000 points
    Team Fed Up (Nick, Tim, Barry ): 0 points

    Game description: Team Fed Up (consisting of real feds -- nobody spotted them, so Priest put them off limits for Spot the Fed since they outed themselves) entered Final Jeopardy with 2,200 points. They drank only 7 beers, but bet all of their 2,900 points and lost. Had they just wimped out like Kumquat, they would have held on to win. Kumquat finished with only 600 points, but drank 15 beers to enter Final Jeopardy with 2,100 points. They bet only 100 points, got it wrong too, but got the win. Dan's Asshole finished with 1,000 points in the hole -- you guess which one -- so they didn't play Final Jeopardy.

    The final Hacker Jeopardy category for Round 1 was:

    Final Hacker Jeopardy Clue for Round 1:
    This security researcher and reverse engineering specialist, scheduled to speak at BlackHat this week, was prevented from entering the U.S. after more than four hours of questioning by immigration officials.

    Who is Thomas Dullien?

    Round 2:
    Midnight Research Labs (Peter, Will, Evil MoFo): 0 points
    Nice Hat (Gray) (Dan, Ethan, Jared): 2,300 points
    RRRs (Vicki, Cyan, Shanna): 1,700 points

    Game Description: This was a return by the ladies of RRRs. Unlike their first appearance four years ago where they got so blasted they removed nearly all their clothing for extra points (Humperdink took off his shirt then too, but that's another story), they stayed in control, in spite of drinking 14 beers. MRL and Nice Hat both finished in regulation time with 1,200 points, but Nice Hat out-drank MRL 15 beers to 13, and had a 200 point advantage going into Final Jeopardy. They might have blown the game with their bet of 400 points (they got the answer wrong). The RRRs wisely recognized the impact large volumes of alcohol can have on judgment, and bet zero. Just as well, they got the answer wrong too. But Midnight Research Labs bet it all, got it wrong, and blew the win. So, Nice Hat (Gray) got the win, again, being the team that drank the most.

    The final Hacker Jeopardy category for Round 2 was:

    Final Hacker Jeopardy Clue for Round 2:
    King John of France lost this significant battle in 1415 against England’s King Henry V due to sheer incompetence.

    What is the Battle of Agincourt?
    (damn, Winn, we all skipped history class to hack and drink -- what the hell were you thinking with this one?)

    Saturday, Aug 4, 2007
    Round 3:
    Drunken Whores (CJ, JustABill, Queeg): 2,001 points
    Vegas 2.0 (Ohm, JackAJar, PictBaron): 2,000 points
    Balls Deep (Kevin, LG, Jay): 0 points

    Game description: Drunken Whores returned after four years to drink their way to the finals. Their strategy was simple: conduct a denial-of-service attack against the beer bucket (since we only get 50 beers per round.) Answering only 3 questions correctly (to their own surprise), and getting four wrong, they drank a massive 27 beers to finish with 2,000 points, tying Vegas 2.0 going into Final Jeopardy. The Drunken Whores managed to get the only correct response of this year’s Final Jeopardy questions right. Balls Deep lived up to their name, bet all 1,000 points (reversing the polarity on their -1,000 point finish with 20 beers), but got it wrong. Vegas 2.0 got it wrong, but bet 0. Drunken Whores bet 1. They won by a single point. This round was the heaviest drinking on record, the three teams consuming a staggering 65 beers in less than one hour. (After emptying the beer bucket, Drunken Whores bought an additional 15 beers at $6 a pop to keep their momentum going.) Perhaps the final jeopardy answer should have been "Betty Ford."

    The final Hacker Jeopardy category for Round 3 was:

    Final Hacker Jeopardy Clue for Round 2:

    "WHAT DO YOU GET IF YOU MULTIPLY SIX BY NINE?" is this number in base 13.

    (At least JustABill read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Doesn't anyone else remember the cult classics?)

    Final round: Aug 4, 2007
    Drunker Whores (CJ, JustABill, SkyDog): -600 points
    Nice Hat (Grey): 0 points
    Kumquat: 2,000 points

    Game description: This game was held only 15 minutes after round three, which is about how long it took Drunken Whores to piss out 27 beers. By now they were getting stupid drunk, and drove themselves 2,100 points into the hole with dumb answers. Their drinking could have helped them win, but they chose to drink an entire bottle of Habanero Rum on stage, which didn't count for points. They spilled some, and it ate the carpet. I think EPA is still cleaning that shit up. They still drank 15 beers, but ended up with -600 points going into Final Jeopardy, and staggered off the stage early. NiceHat (Grey) finished 300 points in the hole, but their robust drinking skills tied that of the inebriated Drunken Whores, and they entered Final Jeopardy with 1,200 points. They blew all of them and finished with zero. Kumquat got only three questions right all night, but true to form, drank 17 beers to enter Final Jeopardy with 2,000. They bet their collective IQs, zero, and got the answer wrong, but who cares, because they got the win by default. Well, they really didn't win, they just sucked the least. Although they got only 7 correct answers in two games combined, they did drink 32 beers. At $6 a pop, their bar tab was about $200, and they get black badges for life.

    Winner of HAXOR badge: Kumquat

    The final Hacker Jeopardy category for the Final Round was:

    This was a visual Hacker Jeopardy question. It showed the three Cyber-Security Czars of the United States (all of whom served in 2003). To win, a team had to write down the first and last name of these czars. No one had a clue. So we dumbed it down and said we'd take one name. Just the last name. No takers. No clue. Maybe that's why no one else wanted the job after Amit quit in 2004.

    Who are Richard Clarke, Howard Schmidt, and Amit Youran?

    Special awards:

    Humperdink Award (most beers consumed in one round): Drunken Whores (27) Special recognition goes to Queeg, who spontaneously combusted.

    High Maintenance Award: Trinity (Beer Betty), who walked off the job because she didn't like the abuse we dish out during the game. Tough shit.

    George W. Bush 2000 Award (worst win in history): Kumquat.

    Special thanks to Banasidhe (Ban-shee), AKA Vanna Vinyl, for her wardrobe malfunction (again) that raised well over $1,000 for EFF at the Dunk Tank.

    See you again next year!

    Scores and results certified by G. Mark (judge and scorekeeper)
    Last edited by G Mark; August 16, 2007, 20:26.
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