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  • Puftcon...

    This needs a bit of framing before it makes sense.

    A few people have posted in the post-defcon 15 threads about the great marshmallow war that occurred on sunday and some have been let wondering what we were talking about.

    On Sunday, after con had wrapped, a bunch of folks were not done partying. I had extra booze in my room, Someone had some food, Someone had a suite. So we brought everything together for a small gathering in the suite to chill and chat.

    Well, Deviant (I think) brought 2 bags of marshmallows and left them for the assembled group.

    Someone started tossing at L0st to catch in his mouth....

    Someone threw a missed one back....

    You can guess the rest....

    Steve was quick enough that, while the rest of us were busy throwing mass amounts of marshmallows at each other and laughing harder than we had since we were probably children, that he took a whack of photo's on his iphone of the mayhem.

    This fight went on for 20 minutes and involved at least 12-15 people, all were reasonably assumed to be grown adults. It ended with L0st standing on a chair with a bandanna around his face shouting "For Sparta!!!" while hurling handfuls of marshmallows at the other side of the room and security coming by about an hour later to investigate noise complaints (that we assume were from the fight and not our ensuing giggle fits at the thought of what had occurred)

    It's little things that occur like this that remind me why I love this community so much. A group of grown men and women, all of a significant level of intellect, having a spontaneous food fight in the middle of a hotel room and having more fun than they can remember.

    What impressed me more was, once we had calmed down, the group effort to clean up the room. No one had to ask, no one snuck out, we all just grabbed bags and started picking things up.

    It's the crap that you don't plan that makes for the best memories and why I continue to attend hacker cons.
    Never drink anything larger than your head!

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    Re: Puftcon...

    You all f33r my 133t marshme110 sk1llz of doom! :)

    (And I wrote the Chinese character for "death" on my marshmallows before throwing them)



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      Re: Puftcon...

      I get to hold the title as the only person to actualy drop some one with a projected marshmallow :)

      That party ruled, ruled sooo much!
      AcidicA, another orange shirted goon.

      You throw like girls. I know, I helped run the dunk tank ;)


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        Re: Puftcon...

        damn, i wish i hadn't gone back to the room to pass out early. ah well, next year.
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          Re: Puftcon...

          Thanks for posting the pics - my poor aim managed to knock 2 empty drinks off the coffee table... and before anyone wonders - yeah, getting hit in the face with a wet marshmallow *does* hurt a bit:) and the absurdity of that makes yo laugh even harder.

          why was it wet? one can only wonder...

          My stomach still hurt Tuesday night from all the laughing =D
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