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must be another budget funding round in the works...

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  • must be another budget funding round in the works...

    my only assumption is that either some reporter went through his rolodex in order to solicit comments that were in-line with his pre-conceived notion of a story or that various "cyber defense" departements within the DOD are pan-handling for more tax dollars soon...

    China’s cyber army is preparing to march on America, says Pentagon
    Chinese military hackers have prepared a detailed plan to disable America’s aircraft battle carrier fleet with a devastating cyber attack, according to a Pentagon report obtained by The Times. ...

    The Pentagon logged more than 79,000 attempted intrusions in 2005. About 1,300 were successful, including the penetration of computers linked to the Army’s 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions and the 4th Infantry Division. In August and September of that year Chinese hackers penetrated US State Department computers in several parts of the world. ...

    Jim Melnick, a recently retired Pentagon computer network analyst, told The Times that the Chinese military holds hacking competitions to identify and recruit talented members for its cyber army.
    yeah, those evil chinese... they recruit 14-year-olds who can pwn our surface fleet using just a PSP. (i bet they do it by haxoring the software that controls the ballast tanks in order to make the ships capsize. that would be fucking genius.)

    jesus fucking christ hanging off the cross. as long as there are articles like this that get written and published, i think that the "putting a face on the underground" conversation is going to be 100% academic. (it's still a very worthwhile topic to explore, but i believe it's almost totally guaranteed to be meaningless in the wider context as long as the public remains a USA Today-style audience.)
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    Re: must be another budget funding round in the works...

    Yesterday's SANS Newsbite had a good good editorial comment by Johannes Ullrich, Chief Technology Officer of the Internet Storm Center, about this 'news' from the Pentagon. Ullrich says these types of attacks go on all the time among every major country and power bloc, and that they are not news in and of themselves. These incidents only become "news" -which is to say, the subject of a press release- when some person/agency/country has an agenda.

    (Ullrich): The short summary: Everybody is attacking everybody. Its just so easy! You will find these accusations in news releases periodically when they are politically convenient, like before larger international meetings. But the fact that you are reading about these intrusions now is not related to their being new or currently particularly bad.
    So it while in may or may not be in conjunction with budgets or some international meeting, it most certainly has a lot more to do with political maneuvering and less to do with with any increase in "cyber attacks".
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      Re: must be another budget funding round in the works...

      I personally at my home block the entire asia pacific rim ip address space. I don't know anyone over there who needs inbound access to my systems. In fact I don't know anyone over there at all. The level of attacks, spam ...etc went way down after doing this. Why not a total guarrentee; it does seem to help a lot.

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