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ToorCon -- Ride and Room Sharing

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  • ToorCon -- Ride and Room Sharing

    I'm going this year. Tickets purchased (just the conference) and transportation shouldn't be a problem. Rooms on the other hand...

    Some of you know me. Some smaller number of you might even trust me. Out of that group, is there any interest in splitting a room? (Stealing, err, borrowing Deviant's suggestion for a bay view certainly sounds like an excellent idea.)

    I don't mean to co-opt this forum for ride/room sharing, but Toorcon doesn't appear to offer their own means of contacting attendees. Plus, we're all friends here, right?

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    Re: ToorCon -- Ride and Room Sharing

    In case anyone else wants to jump in in on the ToorCon goodness, use this thread for setting up Ride / Room sharing. Voltage Spike gets first dibs.

    Note: this was split from
    Aut disce aut discede


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      Re: ToorCon -- Ride and Room Sharing

      I guess this thread didn't work out, but if anyone finds theirself in a bind needing a ride west on the I-8 or would like to split a room near the Saturday-night party (Gaslamp), I'm putting the offer out there.