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  • Cool 802.11 Hack Stuff To Be Viewed at Astalavista

    Sorry, I don't mean to suggest another site. I loved my experience at Defcon; just thought it was cool. I will be back next year as my brothers wedding in Cancun isn't until the middle of August. Yes, wish me luck going to Cancun in the middle of August for a wedding. My little brother is tempting fate. I told him why don't we have it in the middle of tornado alley at the height of the tornado season. Or on an oil platform in the North Atlantic in the middle of winter. Well at least it's love, how long it will last taking chances like this is another question.


    Ps If there is like some cyber turf war between the sites I know nothing about it I thought we all got along

    PPs Finally got the redqueen up and running. She's a 2x2GHz Dual Core Opteron so a Quad Core system 8GB RAM with 8 x U320 10k rpm SCSI SCA Hot swapable Drives with an Intel SRCU42X PCI-X Controller with 512MB of cache and AGP 8x 512MB ATI 1650 GPU. The old girl is very hot, in fact she is heating my apartment as we speak. She is running Suse 10.2; I know boowho, but I like Suse. I love bloated linux.

    If the evil empires have there way there will be just one favor of Windows and one of Linux, whohahahaha; and they will RULE THE WORLD TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Deutschland, Deutschland über alles :) Freebsd will be KAPUTT, NETBSD will be KAPUTT, and MAC OSX REALLY KAPUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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    Just because you can doesn't mean you should. This applies to making babies, hacking, and youtube videos.