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New RFID Mail list and Project

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  • New RFID Mail list and Project

    Rfid-news Info Page

    RFID needs more attention. Audit and I want to stir things up and start putting the screws to other forms of wireless. RFID is firmly in our sights.

    To that end, he has created the RFID-news mail list at for full disclosure discussion, Research and exploitation of this technology.

    I'm also launching a project to challenge some of the insane things that people believe about RFID. Currently on both sides of the debate people are working off capabilities and features that don't exist. If there is to be a sane policy regarding it's use, both sides of the debate need to be working from fact and not fiction.

    To that end I am starting a project to test, mythbusters style, RFID mtyhs and fiction.

    My call to arms is available here: ยป RFID debate needs a kick in the head

    So sign up and lets start lighting a fire under RFID

    Rfid-news Info Page

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    Re: New RFID Mail list and Project

    Render and I have been talking about this project and a Bluetooth project now for a long time but have decided that now is the best time to start causing a tsunami.

    It's time we start kicking some people in the balls so hard that their nuts come out their ears.