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    Last weekend we were, once again, working on challenges for oCTF IV, and we're really starting to get some traction in terms of actual products (as opposed to just ideas). We've also started to take the contest in a particular direction (for better or worse). Before we dump dozens more hours of work into this, I figured we'd see what the contestants thought.

    I decided to make this vote public. I realize this will open us up to results that are even less reliable as the black box electronic voting machines used throughout the US... but this isn't the future of the world which is on the line here. We just want to get your opinion, and we'll use our skills to attempt to filter out bots, scripts, etc.

    What theme did you like best from aCTFIII? Or if you didn't play, which one looks like the one you'd like best?

    infected mushroom (services that hack you!)
    games (hangman, blackjack, etc)
    simulated services (yourSQL, and other fake services)
    local exploits (basically binary reversal)
    crypto (ranging from rot13 to SHA512)

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      My favorite kind of challenges usually involve eating...

      LosT ;)