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Forum for planning and discussion of Brew Wars.
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The CannonBall Run to DefCon
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DCG Locals gather together to discuss the year in review and present tables ala science fair style. DCG POCs, members, and those interested in DCG Groups are all welcome to the event.
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Jump from a perfectly good plane, and parachutte down to earth.
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Defcon Radio is a source of music, commentary, and other content. (site)
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The Dunk Tank event with proceeds going to the EFF.
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Hooch Wars: Description
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Net Appliance Challenge Discussion run by Neural and LoST. (Net Appliance Site)
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Meet with other people in person to exchange PGP/GPG keys and and decrees your degrees of separation!
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It's a contest where Defcon-related pictures or images are submitted for judging.
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PokerCon is a time for hackers to ante up in tournament style Texas Hold 'em. (site)
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TCP/IP Enabled Device and Peripheral Contest hosted by DC480.
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Contest to see how far 802.11* signals can be transmitted and received.
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Want to try your hand with digital art for Defcon?
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DEFCON 16 Artwork Contest Winners!
by neil
The DEFCON Badge Hacking Contest awards the top 3 most ingenious, obscure, mischievous, obscene, or technologically astounding badge modifications created over the weekend.
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This contest was first held at Defcon 13. What is being planned for this year? More inside. (site)
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Last Post: DC16 BCCC results
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Deviant Ollam
DC16 BCCC results
Black & White Ball -- Subforum for discussion of B&W Ball related items, that includes DJ action, music, etc.
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The Krisz Klink Relief Fund
This is a new Contest. More information coming soon.
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Buzzword Survivor on YouTube
Information is everywhere. Solve the puzzles, solve the mystery.
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Last Post: is this still on?
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is this still on?
Coffee Wars - Test your blend. (
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Last Post: Coffee Wars IX
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Coffee Wars IX
by shrdlu
Everyone knows Capture The Flag! You don't? People apply skills in OS/Applications and protocols to gain access and score points. (site)
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Last Post: Post ctf wrap up
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Post ctf wrap up
Davix workshop provides attendees a hands-on introduction to DAVIX: (site.)
Topics: 2 Posts: 12
2 12
Las Vegas, targets, people, weapons, fun. (site.)
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15 171
Transportation Discussion
Planning, Discussion, Q&A and Status for the Defcon Robot Contest. More information at
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9 34
The EEE PC Mod is a new event for Defcon 15.
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4 89
Sweet! Hi there! Ideas and thoughts.....
Imagine yourself on a grassy knoll? in a book depository? in a squirt gun fight with 5 years olds? Check it out. Shoot and donate to the EFF at the same time.
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EFF Firearms Training Simulator
by C-Rex
An informal gathering of people on the forums at Defcon.
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3 53
Things You May Want To Know:
"It's another year for shredding and rocking! Guitar Hero 3 will bring new meaning to the term 'Groupie'!
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5 24
Need help locating Duran...
Get the answer, provide the questions. Score the most points, and you win!
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7 20
Final Hacker Jeopardy results for 2008
by ravyn
Just as the name implies, this is a forum for discussion of the new Hardware Hacking Village.
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11 191
Ideas for next year?
LeetSkills Talent Competition 2008: A talent show to allow attendees to showcase their “Leet Skills” and show off a hidden talent. We expect to limit acts to approximately 5 minutes in duration and expect the whole talent show to last approximately 60 minutes, or 1 hour. (site.)
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Last Post: Cancelled
10 39
by DotNM
This is the Lockpicking Contest at Defcon. This is a contest run by Deviant and TOOOL-USA. This includes: Points Competition, Lock Field Stripping, Speed Picking Competition, Gringo Warrior, and more!
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4 38
Gringo Warrior contest results
by valanx
This is a subforum dedicated to discussion and planning of the Defcon Lockpicking Village. This is where there have been lockpicking, presentations, impromptu peer-education, sample tools, practice locks, and fun! This event made possible with support from TOOOL, LI, and many others.
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5 41
Deviant Ollam
idea for some new demo tools
The LosT@Con Mystery Challenge returns to Defcon - will you complete the challenge? (site.)
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25 202
"Scary Girl" cipher has not been broken yet
by X
Check out the first ever Mobile Hacker Space, which will be parked in the outside chill out area during the convention and comment about it here.
Topics: 1 Posts: 5
Last Post: MHS GrendelVan
1 5
MHS GrendelVan
by Grendel
Subforum about: Movies presented at Defcon, with Dark Tangent
Topics: 7 Posts: 84
7 84
Hackers Are People Too - Update!
by Rover
Not to be confused with the original Capture the Flag (CTF), OCTF is organized by DC949/Orange County to be played openly by people at Defcon. (Formerly known as the aCTF or "amateur Capture the Flag.")
Topics: 9 Posts: 40
Last Post: oCTF
9 40
The last box(en) standing, unowned, wins. (site.)
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10 70
the inaugural old-skool/new school phreaking challenge
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3 4
It's pretty much official!
by russ
Open to everyone, but goaled to including GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered) Hackers at Defcon-- its a party within Defcon! (site)
Topics: 5 Posts: 10
Last Post: Queercon wrap-up
5 10
Deviant Ollam
Queercon wrap-up
Modify malicious code to bypass malware and antiviral scanners, with increasing rounds of difficulty.(site.)
Topics: 5 Posts: 23
Last Post: Contest Winners
5 23
Contest Winners
by bogan
Discussions for The DefCon Scavenger Hunt. (site)
Topics: 1 Posts: 4
Last Post: Volunteering
1 4
Defcon SkyTalks: Old-style, intimate talks about interesting stuff. Reservations required. Opportunity for discussion is available here.
Topics: 1 Posts: 6
1 6
It is like a contest for a new Defcon Slogan! Actually, it is not like this contest, it IS this contest. (site.)
Topics: 1 Posts: 3
Last Post: DC16 Slogan Contest
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DC16 Slogan Contest
The one and only Defcon "Spot the Fed" Contest
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The Summit is a Vegas 2.0 Fundraiser for EFF & THF (Date during/around Defcon TBA) (site.)
Topics: 2 Posts: 18
2 18
Planning and organization for SushiCon at Defcon 14
Topics: 2 Posts: 20
2 20
Sushicon 4.0 Information
TCP/IP Drinking Contest. This is a contest where people drink, and talk about TCP/IP -- sometimes as a result of talking about TCP or IP. For cases where sometimes = all of the time.
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TCP/IP Drinking Game
by neil
Where planning and discussion about the Toxic BBQ Event takes place. (
Topics: 15 Posts: 190
15 190
WarBallooning: Airborne Surveillance & 802.11 network stumbling platform. What goes up will find your access points.
Topics: 1 Posts: 14
Last Post: WarBallooning
1 14
by Ugly
The wireless contest (formerly The Wardriving contest, but has grown to include much more) is coming back again for another year of competition.
Topics: 1 Posts: 9
1 9
The Church of WiFi excitedly presents the Defcon 15 Wireless Village. Topics could include but have no limitation: 802.11x, 802.16, Bluetooth, IR, CDMA, GPRS, Amateur Radio... think it, do it! The sub-con will be home of amazingly super-krad breakouts, demos, contests, and the finest invisible hand-on activities folks can dream up between now and August.
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I'm Official - THANKS!!
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