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Misc Info on this year

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  • Misc Info on this year

    For this year:

    1. The Mystery Challenge will be structured differently this year- the intent is to *not* eat an entire block of your Defcon time. The Challenge will run over multiple days, however there will be checkpoints in place- so once you hit a check point, you will be free to do other things until the contest continues. This will also help teams re-sync to make the last portion much more exciting (read: cut-throat)

    2. There will be brute force penalties this year, and elegance bonus points this year. There is also a strong effort to *not* get you all stuck on Crypto for 8+ hours....

    3. The pre-registration qualification (currently live) is in place to only admit serious teams. There may be a wildcard slot, I haven't decided yet...

    4. Please be sure to thank DT for continuing to support the Mystery Challenge.

    5. Hints this year will be time based, so that there is a maximum "stuck" time for each phase. But you are all 1337 enough to not need them, right!?!?!?!


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    Re: Misc Info on this year

    Why did we end up in so many wierd shops yesterday 1057?
    Its amazing how much you can do during an oil change.
    Hitting a thrift store looking at rotary phones...and what was with you unscrewing the receivers off each one? You seemed to only like the one with the two metal prong connecters as oppossed to the direct wired ones.
    Then a reptile shop looking at LED black light flashlights?
    And finally that huge electronics warehouse where you kept asking about flux and basic stamps to the kid who kept asking for a part number to look up if he had it.

    That was strange.

    Not as strange as last year when we searched the town for mercury switches and cheap steal tubing. No police where called this time.

    I wonder if this years con is gonna be subtitled
    Lost and AcidicA 3
    Escape from Guantanamo bay?

    It was so much easier the first year when all I had to do was take pictures and not trip over stuff in your living room.
    AcidicA, another orange shirted goon.

    You throw like girls. I know, I helped run the dunk tank ;)