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Defcon Capture the Flag 2008 Qualification Announcement

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  • Defcon Capture the Flag 2008 Qualification Announcement

    Deputy Director of Homeland Security, Dr. Kenneth Shoto today announces a
    call to cyber-ninjas everywhere to sign up for his annual fight-to-the-death
    qualifying competition for the Defcon Capture the Flag (CtF) contest. The
    qualifying competition will start at 10PM on Friday, May 30th and end at
    10PM on Sunday, June 1st.

    When questioned about this shocking revelation, Dr. Shoto responded
    palm-to-forehead, "What you say?!" He further elaborated, "The recent
    challenges with cyber-infrastructure and the threat of cyber-attack from
    cyber-terrorists plotting devious cyber-crimes has been troublesome. So let's
    all get together and cyber-bitchslap each other in all out cyber-warfare!"

    Taking a sip from a diamond-clad goblet containing what could only be
    Courvoisier XO Imperial, he continued, "Let's get down to it. Crewz of any
    size may register, but must get it done before things get started. Top seven
    ninja-squads each get a table at La Fiesta Grande, a.k.a. The Hackin' Trip on
    the Strip, a.k.a Defcon 16 held 8/8/08 through 8/10/08 in Vegas. I'll now
    turn things over to my press secretary Cornelius P. Jackson to provide further
    details. Peace out."

    Amidst a flurry of shouting questions and camera flashes, Dr. Shoto disappeared
    to be replaced by the figure of a swaggering gentleman wearing a leopard coat
    and smoking a Black-n-Mild. "Sit down y'all. I ain't triflin'. I'll slap ya so
    hard you'll need Facebook to remind ya who ya was! The CPJ will explain all."
    Crushing out his smoke on the podium as order was restored, Mr. Jackson spoke on.

    "It's simple, yo. First, get ya velcros extra tight and an extra layer o' tape on
    da horn-rims, or whatever ya'll do to prepare for this shit. The competition
    itself is a quiz board with hackin' challenges e'rywhere. You pick one and hack
    till you gots da answer. We'll be all o'er da map like reversin' bins to land
    shellcode, surreptitious data thievery, even a little breakin' web shit for the
    kiddiez. But mostly, some real l33t shit, ya know what I'm sayin'?"

    "E'ryone who thinks they good should get in on this. If ya don't win, hell, ya
    might learn sumthin'. And that's it! Jump into ya so-called web browser and check
    out kenshoto dawt com to get the sheezy all regeezy."

    He dropped the mic and walked out.

    WHO: Hackers

    WHAT: Quals


    * Registration cutoff: 9:59PM EDT May 30, 2008
    * Quals competition: 10PM EDT May 30, 2008 to 10PM EDT June 1, 2008
    * Defcon CTF: August 8, 2008 to August 10, 2008


    WHY: Cuz ur lam3rz if u d0nt