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OTB @ DC16: I can haz t-shirt????!?

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  • OTB @ DC16: I can haz t-shirt????!?

    "Gee sk00t, we really need ironic t-shirts so we can stand out at Starbucks! The awesome Engrish tees from last year totally got us laid at Tower Records -- everyone thought OwnTheBox was the next big indy band on MySpace! Can you hook us up this year too?"

    Why yes, kids, I can help!

    Entrants in OwnTheBox will get super kewl limited edition tees once again. Since the economy is on the downward spiral until Prez Obama is sworn in, only actual bonafide defenders will get tees, so once the much-anticipated contest specs drop (June 1, mark your calendars!), makle sure you let me know your size when you mail in response to the CFB.

    Some restrictions may apply. Not available in Rhode Island. Do not taunt happy fun ball.
    "Raise a toast to ... I think he might have been our only decent ."