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Call for Picnic-goers

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  • Call for Picnic-goers

    Londo is busy finalizing location/logistical details and things are approaching rather fast. Specifics still TBD but coming soon, really. As many see, Deviant is running with the Titanium Chef again this year after its awesome addition to the event last year (thanks to meee, deviant, and our chefs!)

    This year, more than ever, we will be sticking with the BYO method (*especially* with alcohol). but this includes much more of the BBQ org as well. It is truly up to you to make it cool.


    As some have observed.. I haven't been checking in much lately, mostly to my own dismay. Others have been really busy as well. This means things like ) a logo ) a DC program blurb ) a slogan ) tshirts ) other sub-event and thingys that have been assumed in the past .. don't exist and currently aren't happening. The BBQ will happen and will be fun either way.

    I stand fast that its not my BBQ, I just want to go have a picnic with a bunch of my friends before Defcon gets crazy. Londo, Godminus1, and Deviant Ollam have taken great exception thusfar to pulling the basics together; and I've read posts from many others waiting in the wings to get this kicking (as they have all contributed so heavily in the past). Bring it.


    Please post here with something you're gonna run with (ie point of contact), what you're looking for others to help you with, what physical resources/space you need for it .. or start other threads to broaden discussion.. it's up to the community to make this rock. Anything not taken simply doesn't happen .. so if it's important/fun .. let's do it!
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