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    Re: Contest Rules - Comments Welcome

    Originally posted by SecurityBarbie View Post
    What about the chairs?

    Rules for standing, stretching, etc....? Also, what about acceptable things to be brought with?
    yes more details on this would be great at this point. i just this doesn't turn into a last minute rush.


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      Re: Contest Rules - Comments Welcome

      Any new info on this?

      What about Food????? Bring your own? I can't imaging being able to run to the bathroom, grab food, and be back in 10 minutes.


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        Re: Contest Rules - Comments Welcome

        Can contestants be delivered beverages and food?

        My apologies if I ignored the obvious.
        If a chicken and a half, can lay an egg and a half, in a day and a half... how long would it take a monkey, with a wooden leg, to kick the seeds out of a dill pickle?


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          Re: Contest Rules - Comments Welcome

          I would LOVE to know more about what's going on with this contest.... before FRIDAY would be nice!

          I was on a plane for the con-call.... so I know very little still.


          1. Food/Beverage etc.... what's allowed, what's not
          2. 30 Hours or 36???
          3. How many contestants now?
          4. Who are the speakers?
          5. After the 24 hours are we still getting the DVD's?


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            Re: Contest Rules - Comments Welcome

            An update should be heading this way in an hour or two Barbie.. stay tuned!
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              Re: Contest Rules - Comments Welcome


              I sent out an email same day as the TC that answers all your questions. I just sent it again. Let me know if you can't get it. I didn't want to post all the detail about the contest on the forums. It's a little like finding out how sausage is made....

              We have 7 contestants confirmed, but I cut it off there. I have had several requests in the last 2 days for people to be on the waiting list.

              The contest is 30 hours starting at 12 noon on Friday and ending at 6PM Saturday.

              Anyone interested in being on the waiting list please email