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OTB @ DC16: Ribbed for her pleasure.

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  • OTB @ DC16: Ribbed for her pleasure.

    Okay, so based on the overwhelming feedback that I am a douchebag and should just leave the damn contest alone, OTB will be back to the same format as last year, more or less.

    To wit:
    • Bring a box, running some network-enabled services.
    • A token will live in a directory readable by the service.
    • Providing the token to contest organizers = own.

    Some changes, which I hope are minor tweaks:

    Change Number The First:

    I will send you a new token, every five minutes, somehow, and you need to accept it. SMTP mail, FTPs, SFTP, HTTP POST/GET, echo port, wrapped inside a steganographic MPEG rickroll, whatev. Doesn't matter. Send me the specs and I will make it work.

    Why? Because this means defenders have to have a working service of some kind. As I've said, without this, it's just too damn easy to run a chroot'd qotd and fingerd inside a VM and say "FUCK YOU ALL! I AM INVINCIBLE!!!!"

    So yes, you have a little homework. But not much.

    Change Number The Second:

    Nobody seemed to really want boxes, at the end of the day. If you're like me you have a stack of Trash80s and six or eight Crays in various states of disrepair in your basement already, so who needs more?

    So, as stated in another thread, we'll be going for cold hard cash for defenders instead. Put in $20 or more, and the top defender or attacker, scored on number of successful transactions or owns, walks away with the cash as a tab at the Splash bar.

    Sound reasonable? There's one other little nugget, but I'm saving it for a bit, after I rewrite the site again. =)
    Is an elaborate plot to sniff OSF/1 0day.
    I can see my house from here!
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    Re: OTB @ DC16: Ribbed for her pleasure.


    Sounds like a plan. I would also ask if this would be something you would like to stipulate:

    Each entrant must supply you with a piece of paper/hardcopy something with a diagram of what their box is, roughly, design wise, and where the token/tokens will be placed in the directory structure. This would be so it is clear what level of 'owned' happened, and the hardcopy you have is the 'agreed' structure. You keep these with you, only you, for the duration of the event, on in any safe location accessible only by you at the venue.

    This may prevent any disputes later, should there be any wild claims of unfair morphing or unstable constructs. Something like that.

    Also, did you mention it or not? Posting a 'reward' or 'value' of each entrant on side of box, in a numerical format, without money sign (yen, euro, pound, dollar, shekel, real, riyal, yuan, etc.), - just assume it is in local currency, which is dollars. That way no one can be accused of 'gambling' or anything, it could be jellybeans.... if that is a concern. But entrants know ahead of time what the 'bounty' on these electronic 'heads' is in each case.

    Should be fun....



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      Re: OTB @ DC16: Ribbed for her pleasure.


      I support both of your proposals.



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        Re: OTB @ DC16: Ribbed for her pleasure.

        But Sk00t, will there be strippers this year?

        Better Mountain Dew security as well. My beverage got owned last year.

        Looking forward to the contest...just working on getting some damn money together to make the trip...