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We Need HJ SWAG!

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  • We Need HJ SWAG!

    Since DC2, we have given away > $4,871,615 worth of retail swag. No shit. Most of it was overpriced, old, broken and useless, but it was a lot of shit anyway.

    We used to toss 20 pound modems into the audience from the stage until the modem police and goons told us DT's insurance didn't cover high projectile geek stuff. Alas, the good old days.

    Today, we tend to softer things... but if you got old crap - bring it on!

    * You got shirts? Clean 'em and bring 'em
    * Old manuals
    * Books of all style
    * Porn
    * Any and all swag is good... we give it away and if you are a vendor we'll shout out your name and tell everyone to go to your booth and buy shit.

    Send swag. Let us know what you're bringing or drop it off at the Information Booth and just tell them it's for Winn or GMark. Fair?

    WInn Schwartau

    If you cant find my phone number you shouldn't be calling me anyway. :-)