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Lock Field Stripping - official announce / interest thread

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  • Lock Field Stripping - official announce / interest thread

    Alright, folks. Finally got my stock of locks sorted and competition locks culled from the herd. Here is the official breakdown of the contest:

    Looks like I'll be able to easily accommodate up to 40 people in this contest. Nice thing about this one is that folks who are eliminated each round will get to keep the locks they worked on for that round. Everyone walks away with something nice. Last year I didn't have enough locks for the number of people who wanted to compete, hopefully this year I have the opposite problem.

    Basic rules: You can use any hand tool to help you disassemble and reassemble the lock. Each contestant will receive a pinning tray, plug follower and keys to their locks. As I have made clear in other threads, this contest is about maintaining and discovering the internal parts of locks, not picking. Each contestant in rounds 2-4 will also receive tweezers, unless they choose to use their own.

    Prior to the contest I hope to do demos explaining the use of shims, however, I do not plan to allow time for picking or shimming of cylinders during the contest. We went VERY long last year and the complexity of this years final challenge will take up more time than last years, so I'm trying for a more straightforward, clarion competition this year.

    Lock: 5 Pin Lockwoods, Keyed Alike, NIB.
    Goal: Remove tailpiece and plug, displaying all key pins for a judge (no need to remove driver pins in this first round), reassemble. Key must work in reassembled lock or you will be disqualified.
    # to advance: 1/2 of the competition (up to 20 people) will advance to the second round.

    Lock: 7 Pin Masterkeyed Yales, NIB. (Some of you may recognize these locks from last year)
    Goal: Disassemble all parts of the lock, display for judge and reassemble. Key must work in lock or you will be disqualified.
    # to advance: 5 people will make it to the semi-final round.

    Lock: 6.5 Pin Schlage LFICs, Keyed Alike.
    Goal: Disassemble lock, display parts to judge, REPIN lock to different key (key and appropriate pins will be provided to each contestant). New key must work in lock or you will be disqualified.
    # to advance: 2 people will make it to the finals.

    Locks: 2 different locks - UNDISCLOSED -
    Goal: Again, you will be rekeying these locks to a new key. The new key must work in the lock, or you will be disqualified. Competitors will switch locks once each has completed his or her first. The lowest cumulative time (or the picker who successfully reassembles the most locks [this is only a determining factor if one picker fails to successfully reassemble a lock]) wins.

    The undisclosed locks are meant to be a surprise. I do, however, have the locks here, disassembled in front of me, and ready to go. The winning picker will receive his choice of the final locks, second place will get the remaining lock.

    The two finalists will also receive nice, related, prizes. I don't have those 100% yet, but I likely won't disclose them when I do anyway, so don't worry about it. For reference, last year I gave away an HPC Manual Pick Gun and a LAB Security Pin Kit.

    Alright - hope we get a good field of new and old competing this year. I'm really looking forward to it!

    - Schuyler