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  • Registration is open

    Greetings contestants,

    Registration for the inaugural Race to Zero is now open:

    We have selected the 6 virus and 4 exploit samples (which will remain secret until the day).

    The exploit samples must be modified in such a way that they exploit the original vulnerability but pop calc.exe. You will need an XP SP0 machine to test these exploits on.

    The modified virus samples must be functionally the same as the original. You can modify mutexes, filenames, process names, IP addresses, etc as long as the code functions the same.

    The contest starts 10:00 on the Friday, and will probably run through to Saturday with winners announced by our celeb judging panel at lunchtime on Sunday

    We are also running a side contest with some non-traditional AV products which should also be fairly interesting.....

    Bring on the con \m/