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maybe a blood-drive analogy will help

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  • maybe a blood-drive analogy will help

    we're less than half a month from DEFCON and, despite having a lot of interest expressed, we still do not have a solid figure in the participation column for the Shoot. it will still happen no matter what, but i can't guarantee the same package pricing, etc. that we will have with proper attendee numbers.

    so... taking a page from the Red Cross i've started this little graph...

    i'll be posting that at the head of the official sign-up thread and i've made it the top image at the event's web site, as well. if your name doesn't appear there, you haven't given me a solid "YES" and i haven't counted you yet.

    once both of those bars have all dozen slots colored in, we're golden. (we might be able to make it with one or two blocks not shaded... but we'll have to see. i'll do whatever I can out-of-pocket... but for now figure on everyone getting the best deal we can get if those blocks get all filled in)

    so please... do whatever you can to make this happen if you're interested. be certain you've contacted me, be sure that any friends you are bringing along have been represented, etc. i'll keep this chart updated ever single time anyone confirms with me. we can do this!
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    Re: maybe a blood-drive analogy will help

    Holy crap, that is one sexy .gif!