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    Ok Thank you for trying

    But at $120+ a night I rather stay elsewhere. I admit it I pinch pennies. You try getting a plane from Montana for less then $300.
    There are 4 of us going again. This year I got stuck with paying for the hotel rooms. Everyone else is broke.
    Plus, they won’t let me share the room with strangers this time like I did for Defcon 6. Ok, I admit it I got ripped off, but it was still fun. And the guys fixed my laptop before they left.


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      Alexis Park

      Yeah, I think that's too much. What you COULD do is call Amerisuites, they're usually not too bad. OR, we actually booked at the Aladdin. Cost $79 weekday and $129 weekend.... I think. It's worth checking into. I know a couple of friends who were planning on staying at the Hard Rock, but settled on the Aladdin because of costs.


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        Thank You Russ! I will call them, or I will do some web surfing when my clients calm down today. I have to go back to work, I would rather stay here, but my deko calls for my attention.