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Today (Monday 7/28) may be the last day for a discount Class-III package

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  • Today (Monday 7/28) may be the last day for a discount Class-III package

    So... i have learned that i have to give a more or less solid list of current attendees to the range organizers during a phone call later today. Whomever has expressed a desire to sign up and shoot is all good. We can still do the $20 discount for Class-III shooters who have signed up now. (It's $180 instead of the usual $200 for those folks)

    However, after I give the range owner a relatively solid attendee list later today, i can have additional people, but additional Class-III sign ups might have to be at the "normal" $200 price. Again, this is not set in stone, but once we work out all the things that we are trying to work out... i may not want to repeatedly hassle the guy asking "oh, hey, can we rearrange the numbers yet again" etc etc.

    Basic shooters just showing up to use the range with their own guns, their friends' guns, or to rent cheaper, smaller hardware there are still only looking at $35. That figure will not increase ever. (And may decrease if we get a late surge of "basic" shooters joining us)

    If your name does not appear in white on the signup chart then you're not officially registered with me yet (i need a solid confirmation from you and your contact email address and a phone number as well if you're cool with giving me one)...

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