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  • The Rewards for Participation

    So... i figure i might as well tell some people what they're getting out of their day at the range with me, besides all the super fun boomy-goodness.

    Every person who had signed up for the shoot by yesterday will get the same thing i gave to all the Goons back at DC12. Well, almost the same thing. This time, i used blaze orange fabric, hehe. How do you feel about getting free cooling neck wraps to keep the desert heat at bay...

    ... anyone who has ever worn one of these will testify to the remarkable manner in which they keep you cool. these are fabric neck wraps that have many little chambers filled with desiccant crystals. you soak the whole affair in water for a few minutes and the chambers swell up (making it almost look like a string of little sausage links) then, as long as they are placed in an environment where the ambient humidity is less than 100% they will gradually release their water. this allows the water to evaporate (providing a cooling effect... and a rather significant one, at that) without ever dribbling down your chest, as like with a wet rag or something.

    And as for the prizes for our contests -- best target destruction (i'm thinking about using oranges, maybe i two categories: "single shot" and "shoot as long as you don't reload"), best marksmanship (best grouping of five rounds at 100 yards), and perhaps coolest weapon mod -- this is what i've discovered for our winners...

    ... i actually have a range rug bag almost this exact size, and it's fucking perfect. there are pockets for loads of magazines and two large zippered pouches on the reverse side that can each hold a pair of ammo boxes (i keep 200 rounds of .45 in mine along with the pistol itself and ten magazines.)

    I wish i could do even more, i really do... i'm so thrilled at everyone coming out to bring some life back into this terrific event. I hope we all make it an outstanding time and that it keeps on going as the years continue.

    Thank you all for being a part of this with me.
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    Re: The Rewards for Participation

    I'm sure your neck cooling wraps will be much appreciated. About 10-15 years ago I was asked to bring these into several theme parks and 4 of the five companies that provided samples never checked them for colorfastness and as a result, the orange, purple, dark blue and red ones often would bleed into the light colored shirt a person was wearing and not wash completely out. When worn with black it wouldn't be noticed.

    I'm sure the quality has improved over the years so you probably have nothing to worry about with yours but I felt I had to give a warning about this potential problem with them. I'm just glad I found out (by accident when I used the product myself and ruined a few shirts) before we ever fully distributed them.