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  • Titanium Chef Challenge - contest results

    Hello, all... i hope your post-DEFCON decompression is going well and within medically-recommended limits. I've gotten all my photos and video uploaded to and am now starting to put up all the official results from my contests and events.

    As far as Titanium Chef went, i was so amazingly impressed and proud of all involved. The theme ingredient was "fowl" and we allowed entrants to use either land game birds or waterfowl. We had five teams on the day of the ToxicBBQ, but only two of them went on to fully compete officially. The three other teams experienced varying degrees of fail but still remained awesome the whole time. Allow me to explain...
    Team Team Plus Plus - these folks were looking like a strong contender, but at the last minute their team captain, psytek, found his airplane diverted to PHX. it just goes to show you, people... DEFCON starts on wednesday.

    WOPR - fallout and his crew were established as contestants, but were unable to secure a ride to the store or the park. in the end, they eventually were able to make it (and i give them super huge props for still cooking and feeding people)

    The Spice Weasels - similar to WOPR, my crew of friends in TOOOL were late in getting to the park. They had their own transportation, but it was a series of important other matters to handle that morning which delayed them. Running around and acquiring last minute hardware to add to the Lockpick Village took up loads of their time. In between that and fabrication of much of the structures you saw in our skybox that weekend, they had almost no time to cook. Still, like team WOPR, they showed up and fed all who were hungry eventhough they could not compete officially.

    Team Tall Boy - sputicus along with matt and dave b put together a nice Thai arrangement. and i have to say, the sure did the heat properly... their meal really packed a nice, full spice and was beautifully presented...

    Team Smoke - last year's champions came back again, and this time they brought their slow-cook style goodness to the challenge of preparing game birds...

    In the end, the scores were very close, but it was Team Smoke who took the lead...

    I am so majorly pleased with all who were involved. Thank you to all of my judges! Joia, skydog, banasidhe, fool, meee, DaKahuna, MBI... you guys rock! How on earth i was able to persuade over half a dozen of you to come out to a beautiful city park on a lovely day and enjoy free food and booze is beyond me, but you all made the sacrifice and stepped up to the bar. You all must simply love me that much.

    Huge, huge thanks to the teams for working so hard, even if you were not in the running. I wish better luck next year to all who will return to compete again and I promise to have yet another Nintendo Wii or something of similarly awesome geek value as a grand prize.

    See you in '09!

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