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    So the results are in and we had a fucking great time with the Beverage Cooling Contraption Contest this year at DEFCON 16.

    We had six main offerings this year, all of which were creative and fun in their own way...

    Team: Rhenium
    Device: Copper Heat-Sink Affair
    Rhenium is obtained as a by-product of molybdenum refinement, and rhenium-molybdenum alloys are superconducting, hence the name. This college professor put together a huge super-cooling vat of Liquid N2 and dry ice, then immersed her copper heat sink in there and poured beer through that. Line freeze was a common difficulty, but her drinks did get frosty, for sure. Rhenium's best run generated 0.885 deg/sec of beer cooling power... and she did that in only twenty seconds.

    Team: HeBrew
    Device: Tube-Based Pass-Through Cooler
    The Jewish Hackers showed again and displayed the terrific attitude and big smiles for which they've become known during the life of the BCCC. While line freeze also started to affect their contraption, the use of copper and a not-as-extremely-cold vat (consisting of isopropyl as opposed to Liquid N2) helped cool things down reliably. HeBrew's best run took 36 seconds and demonstrated 0.833 deg/sec of cooling power.

    Team: Beer-Fu
    Device: Ice Football Sort of Thing
    While Renderman's use of store-bought products didn't work out as well as he'd hoped, he did manage to keep things fun and upbeat. Eventually, he abandoned the whole matter and just poured beer through his bag of ice. This was to the delight of the crowd since he began dispensing beverages at an excessive rate, but this yielded watery beer and thus was an unofficial result. Render pointed out that as a Canadian (who is thus more capable of classifying beer properly than we yanks) he deemed the canned Budweiser to be little different before and after it became watered down by the ice. Hehe... nice, we all love this guy. While his official entry couldn't top 0.134 deg/sec of cooling, his rule-breaking run produced a whopping 1.884 deg/sec of power and gave us chilled drinks in just 25 seconds flat! I'll bet it, too, could have counted as a consistent pour mechanism.

    Team: Grey Frequency (dark-haired lady in above photo... no photo from BCCC, i suck)
    Device: Improvised Ice Slide
    Renderman's wife, Grey Frequency, did a fantastic job of building a beer cooling contraption that focused on the question, "What can you put together in an improvised way using found materials in a car broken down on the side of a hot road?" She used cold packs (which could have been in an automotive first aid kit), a woman's stocking, and made a nice little ice slide type chute to pour the beer through. Very imaginative! In only 20 seconds, her contraption showed 0.330 deg/sec of cooling power. If it had been longer, maybe we'd get even stronger numbers!

    Team: Ad-Hoc
    Device: Chugger Cooler
    Team Ad-Hoc had a terrific little device which in the end turned out to be the only sucker capable of truly handling a free-flow pour of alcohol in any quantity without losing its cooling power. At their best, they were able to drop a beer from 78.1° to 44.4° ... that's 33.7° of non-stop cooling power in a single pass!

    Team: S & J
    Device: Compressor-Enabled Cooling Coil
    Steve and John took a very unique approach to the line-freeze problem. In the past, many devices have shown great transfer of thermal energy, but dropped temperatures so much that beer tended to freeze within the lines, clogging output flow. We saw that happen this year to Rhenium and HeBrew at times. Steve's use of a huge compressor to aid the beer's push through the system not only kept his operating time low, but also kept things moving so fast that they did not have adequate time to freeze in a clustered point in the lines. There may have been slight freeze-up in the lines, but you'd never know it from watching these guys at work. On the best run, these guys took an 80° beer and cooled it to 33.6° (that's a drop of 46.4°) in only 35 seconds. That's 1.326 deg/sec of cooling power and a massively fast time, to boot.

    We officially declared both Ad-Hoc as well as S & J to be the winners. Ad-Hoc treated the contest parameters the best, and S & J offered up the most powerful contraption (in more ways than one)

    Great job, everyone! I hope that all the people who were standing around outside enjoyed the show and got enough free drinks. Next year we'll strongly enforce the "constant pour" system and i'll have electronic equipment rigged to judge all entries simultaneously so that we can really make some strong output flow for the crowd!

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