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    For anyone interested, we're hosting some of the challenges from aCTF3 online so people can play with them, use them as practice for this year, and just generally have fun. Feel free to post hints & Easter eggs (in this thread or elsewhere). If you have any issues e-mail Adam at

    They're all hosted on:

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    Re: Hack the past

    Thanks! it's been really fun, so far.

    A question, though. not being there, I don't know who a certain person's favorite type of music is. Hints on this, please? (would this question have been facilitated by actually being there hearing music, or knowing who adam is?)
    It's not stupid, it's advanced.


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      Re: Hack the past

      Originally posted by YenTheFirst View Post
      I don't know who a certain person's favorite type of music is.
      Wow, you guys are flying through the levels! I just checked and it looks like the information you seek is no longer available online (although it was at the time). So I'll give you that much to avoid wasting too much of your time.

      I can tell you that if I was faced with this problem and the Internet didn't have the answer, I'd start looking for other ways to get the information. Perhaps some social engineering tactics? Find someone who knows what genre is this person's favorite and work that route.

      PS Although I also like Nerdcore, that's not my favorite.