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The Church of WiFi excitedly presents the Defcon 17 Wireless Village. Topics could include but have no limitation: 802.11x, 802.16, Bluetooth, IR, CDMA, GPRS, Amateur Radio... think it, do it! The sub-con will be home of amazingly super-krad breakouts, demos, contests, and the finest invisible hand-on activities folks can dream up between now and August.
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The wireless contest (formerly The Wardriving contest, but has grown to include much more) is coming back again for another year of competition.
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It is like a contest for a new Defcon Slogan! Actually, it is not like this contest, it IS this contest. (site.)
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the inaugural old-skool/new school phreaking challenge
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The last box(en) standing, unowned, wins. (site.)
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Subforum about: Movies presented at Defcon, with Dark Tangent
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Imagine yourself on a grassy knoll? in a book depository? in a squirt gun fight with 5 years olds? Check it out. Shoot and donate to the EFF at the same time.
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Defcon Pre-Con Introductions to Hacking at Defcon
New for DEFCON 17 - The 10,000¢ Hacker Pyramid!!! Come and be a lucky audience member who will participate with a DEFCON Celebrity in a fast paced game of Pyramid! It may be the last Dick Clark property to be Seacrested... so we're bringing it to you FIRST! Every contestant has a chance at the FABULOUS PRIZES - all the way up to the GRAND PRIZE of 10,000¢!!!!!!! (site),(twitter.)
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Want to try your hand with digital art for Defcon?
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The DEFCON Badge Hacking Contest awards the top 3 most ingenious, obscure, mischievous, obscene, or technologically astounding badge modifications created over the weekend.
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This contest was first held at Defcon 13. What is being planned for this year? More inside. (site)
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Deviant Ollam
Beer Cooling at DEFCON 18
Black & White Ball -- Subforum for discussion of B&W Ball related items, that includes DJ action, music, etc.
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Last Post: Set Lists
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Set Lists
The CannonBall Run to DefCon (site.)
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evel aka matt
TS2010 reporting in.
Coffee Wars - Test your blend. (, (twitter.)
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Coffee Wars X Updates
by shrdlu
Everyone knows Capture The Flag! You don't? People apply skills in OS/Applications and protocols to gain access and score points. (site)
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Last Post: CTF Packet Captures
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CTF Packet Captures
by m@rs
For those new to DefCon. What to see! What to do! How not to get keelhauled by pirates, stabbed by ninjas, or used as a human sacrifice by goons! (site.)
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6 224
Geo Caching with a digital twist. RFID Caches, Cryptography, Ciphering & GPS reveal digital caches on the Vegas Strip. (site.)
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Geo challenge contest results
Las Vegas, targets, people, weapons, fun. (site.)
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Social Engineering is back at Defcon! HOPE and other conferences have been doing this successfully with a lot of participation for years, and we felt that this was a contest that after so many years should come back to the conference. Thank god we have some help from some veterans to pull this one off (complete with a little red button that cuts audio, in case you get too lucky.) This is being run by DC718 and Telephreak. (site) (twitter.)
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When is SEC? [Hi My Name is]
An informal gathering of people on the forums at Defcon.
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5 111
Get the answer, provide the questions. Score the most points, and you win!
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Hacker Jeopardy Teams Sign Up
by dotzero
Hackers, Karaoke, Capri Room 111, Friday July 31,2009 @ 9pm. What more do you need to know? (site), (twitter.)
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7 74
So, What're the chances of...
by Melesse
Want to get a license as a Ham or upgrade your license? Sunday, August 2, 2009 @ 12:00pm (noon) in Skybox 207.
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Last Post: Ham license exams
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Ham license exams
Just as the name implies, this is a forum for discussion of the new Hardware Hacking Village. (Wiki: HHV plans)
Topics: 16 Posts: 207
Last Post: Ninja Badge
16 207
Ninja Badge
by barkode
This is the Lockpicking Contest at Defcon. This is a contest run by Deviant and TOOOL-USA. This includes: Points Competition, Lock Field Stripping, Speed Picking Competition, Gringo Warrior, and more!
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This is a subforum dedicated to discussion and planning of the Defcon Lockpicking Village. This is where there have been lockpicking, presentations, impromptu peer-education, sample tools, practice locks, and fun! This event made possible with support from TOOOL, LI, and many others.
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2 40
The LosT@Con Mystery Challenge returns to Defcon - will you complete the challenge? (site.)
Topics: 22 Posts: 176
Last Post: Extra Extra
22 176
Extra Extra
by krux
Not to be confused with the original Capture the Flag (CTF), OCTF is organized by DC949/Orange County to be played openly by people at Defcon. (Formerly known as the aCTF or "amateur Capture the Flag.")
Topics: 7 Posts: 17
Last Post: EFF Vending Machine
7 17
EFF Vending Machine
by Gadsden
Meet with other people in person to exchange PGP/GPG keys and and decrease your degrees of separation!
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1 3
Podcasters performing a live show from DefCon.
Topics: 3 Posts: 15
3 15
Details, Podcasters, and Prizes!!
by hevnsnt
New for Defcon 17: We have extended hours at the pool! Spinning, DJs, Hackers -- Pool Party!
Topics: 1 Posts: 15
Last Post: Pool Party!
1 15
Pool Party!
by dotzero
Open to everyone, but goaled to including GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered) Hackers at Defcon-- its a party within Defcon! (site)
Topics: 1 Posts: 25
Last Post: Queercon SIX!
1 25
Queercon SIX!
by Rhenium
Modify malicious code to bypass malware and antiviral scanners, with increasing rounds of difficulty.(site.)
Topics: 1 Posts: 2
Last Post: R2Z @ defcon16
1 2
R2Z @ defcon16
by bogan
Discussions for The DefCon Scavenger Hunt. Send suggestions for the scavenger hunt list to ScavHunt (and here is where the at symbol can be placed) Siviak (and of course you need a dot here) org
Topics: 3 Posts: 26
3 26
Scavenger Hunt Logo call out
by eris
Skytalks are presentations (55-110 min) that are designed to overclock your brain with cutting edge information about sensitive topics that you might not be able to freely discuss or research from the privacy of your own home, workplace, or favorite con.
Topics: 2 Posts: 3
2 3
Skytalks v.2 - Speakers Selected
The one and only Defcon "Spot the Fed" Contest
Topics: 1 Posts: 2
1 2
Prenotification Required!
by Rhenium
The Summit is a Vegas 2.0 Fundraiser for EFF & The Make a Wish Foundation.
Topics: 3 Posts: 15
Last Post: The summit details
3 15
The summit details
by hydruh
Planning and organization for SushiCon at Defcon 14
Topics: 2 Posts: 49
Last Post: Sushicon 2009
2 49
Sushicon 2009
by valanx
Participate in an 8 vs 8 tournament of the greatest video game ever made. Individuals and teams welcome. (site.)
Topics: 6 Posts: 29
6 29
Team Fortress 2 Contest
Where planning and discussion about the Toxic BBQ Event takes place. (
Topics: 6 Posts: 97
Last Post: Many Thanks
6 97
Many Thanks
by eris
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