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  • TBBQ Donations

    Over its course the TBBQ has received many donations from many good people:
    ) time
    ) money
    ) ideas
    ) participation

    Prior to the BBQ last, many people came through with PayPal donations to help cover the raising event cost (permit, security required by permit, etc). All event costs were covered for TBBQ5 with some fundage leftover for the next event. On site, many others handed over spare cash to add to the pot for the next years event.

    In my personal busy hermit habits, I don't think I got to really thank all the folks that contributed last year and wanted to extend that gratitude. Thank you.

    As a status update, Londo is spearheading organizational efforts (among others, I suspect) and working to get the permits and requirements lined up for this years event. I've seen thread and irc comments indicating that Syntax is hard at work with a cool Tshirt design. Others are discussing events and ongoings. I'm already jealous of those that can attend!

    The combined funds from last year haven't _quite_ added up to cover costs this year, but aren't far from it. We don't really need folks to rally or worry about this detail by any means, but if you feel compelled to contribute in that way it would be greatly appreciated as always.

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    Re: TBBQ Donations

    How about



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      Re: TBBQ Donations

      As usual, I am in for grill time and food runs. Hopefully Jimbo will be able/willing to load up his truck with stuff from the Sam's run.
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        Re: TBBQ Donations

        Myself and h3adrush (aka Cousin Ronaldo (flea's to blame for this)) are always ready to help out and will be there with food & drinks to share like normal.

        I'm also trying to work on something for the grill masters, so please PM if your mastering a grill this year. (except che, I already have you down on my list)
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