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    WHEN: Saturday/Sunday
    WHERE: The 303 SKYBOX

    Welcome to the 2nd installation of Skytalks Call for Papers. Defcon Syktalks are everyone's favorite underground security rant/soapbox venue.

    Have the new privacy laws (or violations of them) been pissing you off; don't like the the TCPA because it's stopping you from taking over the world with your autodialer; worried that the AI system you just created IS skynet? Then shout at 50+ people and tell them how YOUR your research is going to change their world. Maybe you're just angry that it's 2009 and you still don't have that flying car you were promised. No matter if it's a rant or if you just want to present your work in a private (no video / no audio recordings) environment send Pyr0 an email and get on the list.

    A message from Pyr0:
    SUMBIT you MAGGOT! - You Know You Want To.
    Speaking slots are limited so DO IT NOW!

    Thanks to Grifter, Jeff, Nikita, and the rest of the DC platoon, we have 2 days to educate, formulate, mold and shape the young (and old) minds of tomorrow so that we can have that bright and shiny future we were promised so long ago. This is your chance to pull yourself out of the muck and rise up above the crowd to lead, teach, shock and awe your fellow soldiers with the knowledge they will need to win this war against the mundane, corporate, boring sh!t that security vendors push down every throat they can find. STOP regurgitating that weak BULL-Sh!t and sound off like ya got a pair.

    Find a topic that your passionate about and tell the world why they should be too.
    Now who among you will stand and be counted? Line up!

    Skytalks are presentations (55-110 min) that are designed to overclock your brain
    with cutting edge information about sensitive topics that you might not be able to freely discuss or research from the privacy of your own home, workplace, or favorite con.

    We have the Skybox Saturday and Sunday this year, so we can accept 12-15
    speeches this year. If you would like to be considered for a speaking slot please cut and paste the following section, complete it, and send an email to

    Date of Submission:
    Primary Speaker Name:
    Primary Speaker Title and Company (if applicable):
    Additional Speakers' name(s)* & titles:
    Primary Speaker Email Address:
    Primary Speaker Phone Number:
    Has the speaker spoken at a previous Defcon/Blackhat/Skytalks/etc? Yes or No
    Is there a specific day or time you MUST speak by?
    Name of Presentation:
    How much time does your presentation require? 50 minutes or 110
    minutes (please specify)
    What are your equipment needs?
    Will you require more than 1 lcd projector? Yes or No - if yes, please
    specify how many
    Will you require wireless/wired internet access?
    Will you require a white board? Yes or No
    Are there any other special equipment needs that you will require? Yes
    or No - if yes, please specify
    Detailed Outline:
    Abstract: (This text will be used for the Defcon forums and printed materials.)
    Speaker's Bio(s):

    (CFP Closes June 24th ) - don't bitch it's plenty of time

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