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Post DEFCON 17: thoughts, ideas, suggestions -- make Defcon 18 better!

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  • Melesse
    Re: Defcon 17 suggestions

    Interestingly enough, I'm pretty sure I heard DT say during the opening talk that the Riviera was considered a space for 15k people. I might have misheard, as says that each ballroom holds five thousand, and there are two ballrooms. I did hear someone mention in the hallway as we were talking about the crush that Defcon topped 10k this year.

    Adding up the capacities provided by the Riv website quickly results in a ROUGH total of 11k, using all of the rooms, skyboxes, and ballrooms.

    Either way, holding 10k, 11k or 15k, it does seem packed to capacity. I had to sit on the side for a lot of talks, or skip them because I did not want to find a spot in the crush. I haven't made it to the HHV yet b/c every seat is full whenever I walk by (trying again today earlier). Lockpicking village had two seats out of approx. 60 empty when I was in there yesterday. Vendor area ebbs and flows, but it was frequently packed.

    And please note, this is not a complaint, I had lots of fun without going to talks. I'm merely commenting on what the poster before me said.


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  • Post DEFCON 17: thoughts, ideas, suggestions -- make Defcon 18 better!

    The lines were just too darn long for the badge. I missed several talks in line to get my temporary badge and then missed several talks waiting in line to exchange my badge. There has got to be a better way.

    Although the Riv is now a part of the Con, kinda like the Alexis Park was, we have clearly outgrown it. There is not enough seating in the sessions, the halls and bathrooms are crowded and there is no place to sit down really and get a decent meal.

    Also, the vendor area could easily be double the size. Again, it is so packed with people running and tripping over one-another, that it is kinda annoying.

    I would rather see the price go up to $200 and not have to wait in so many long lines and have a better chance to actually get a seat in a talk that I am interested in. As it is now, I sit thru some chats which are of no interest to me just because there is an available seat. The cool thing is I usually end up learning something I never thought I wanted to know about.