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    Re: DEF CON 17 Content Links

    Originally posted by Deviant Ollam View Post
    I've re-worked and re-updated the content (some great new things in there, like the "8 Bit Trip" and "Sad Kermit" music videos) and the new torrent is here...

    ... the pirate bay is still the tracker used, if anyone knows of a better and more reliable public tracker i'll be happy to switch to that in the future. for now the seeds and DHT network will likely populate things out to other trackers automatically anyway so it should be fine this time.

    i'm the only seed right now, but if people grab the torrent and point to their old archive, 99% of the files will match up and you'll be able to see most of it right away.

    [EDIT: as always, i run uTorrent with forced crypto and no legacy support. if you wish to download, be sure to have a client that supports encryption. at the moment, the pool consists of just one guy from Sweden.]
    Got it uploading again as of the wee hours of this morning, with TPB. I'm showing 5 seeds and 1 peer. Perhaps putting it on Demonoid when the maintenance cycle is finally complete, then adding both trackers to isohunt would make it more accessible and more likely to stay active longer?
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      Re: DEF CON 17 Content Links

      DEF CON is seeding it now as well.
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