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What are people bringing to Defcon?

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  • What are people bringing to Defcon?

    What are you people bring to defcon?

    I am bringing My,

    Palm to get emails and phone #'s if needed


    A lockboard (do i need a vendor to bring the lockboard or just pass it around)

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    Re: What are people bringing to Defcon?

    Originally posted by flightling
    What are you people bring to defcon?
    Shhh don't tell everyone what you are bringing... things may differ on what events you plan on attending... but it is always fun to bring communications gear(HAM, FRS, HF, scanners, 802.11a/b etc), computer stuff to get on the nets and play some of the net exercises out there. Support gear, such as chargers, batteries, cables, antennas, lockpicks... etc, clothes, black hefty bags, a few rolls of duct tape, shovel, suitcases.. ;).. just kidding. If this is your first time read some of the older cons on the defcon archives and check out what it is like before you get there... things not to do: walk close to the pool if you palm is in your pocket... Though just use common sense and Trust No One. :)


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      I'll be there loaded for bear: Two laptops with two hard drives each (one for play and one for work), 802.11B, Cisco WAP, I'm trying to bring the PIX 515 but may just have a Watchguard firewall instead, video camera (with night vision), blank CDs, FRS, $$$ for the shirts and toys (I'm still mad at myself for not buying that 1U fan system last year). Oh I'll bring my power inverter as a giveaway item, and of course the famed defcon manual "How to spot hookers in Las Vegas."


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        Here's the shortlist...

        - Yaesu FT-50, MARS/CAP modified.

        - Palm Pilot for quickie notes and exchanges.

        - Laptop. Crappy old Hitachi VisionBook Pro 7340 that I will probably take to my grave. I love it.

        - Hardware for barter / giveaways.

        - Telephony-related tools and hardware.

        - Some stuff for the caravan that will remain a secret :)


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          what im bringing

          P4 Laptop / Dual booting Root Hat and XP Pro
          Aironet 340 wifi nic and some lengths of CAT5

          Palm III xe

          Motorola FRS (talkabout)

          blank CD's (laptop has a burner)

          SonicWall SOHO Internet security applicance

          some hardware for trading/giving to the giveaway (I got a bunch of Motorola 4200 Surfboard cable modems)

          some cards with my contact info for passing out

          lotsa $$$ for swag, whores, booze, pharmacuticals, etc.

          prolly some of my better warez goodies for swapping with new friends

          I'm really REALLY stoked..can't wait to meet some of you guys there!


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            telco gear?

            any reason i should bring my telco bag too?

            Please advise


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              I think I'll bring some of my 9600baud external modems to give away .

              Yeah there even still wrapped in a retail box.
              There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.

              - Henry David Thoreau


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                Originally posted by L0nd0
                I think I'll bring some of my 9600baud external modems to give away .
                Ah flying bricks... that reminds me need to bust out the hard hat during these giveaways...


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                  haha yeah gotta love the goodly old stuff, its funny to becasue one of them still has the original price tage of $159.99
                  There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.

                  - Henry David Thoreau


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                    Yaesu VX-5 with the MARS/CAP virtual jumper set.

                    Yaesu Rapid Charger

                    Power Strip - Always handy to have. Limited number of electrical jacks in the rooms.

                    80 watt PC Speakers - which are great for hooking up to your portable cd/mp3 player for tunes in your room

                    Rat Shack Pro-60 scanner

                    Rat Shack all-band mag mount antenna for scanner

                    Motorola Talkabout T6220 - Yeah I know. That's a bit much but the T6220 has a nice scan feature so I can scan for interesting conversations on FRS while leaving the VX-5 tuned to ham frequencies. It also has an Eavesdrop Reducer which does some simple scrambling (or unscrambling if you want to listen in on others using it). Anyway a friend mine might be going with me and will probably end up using it to keep in contact with me since I have the MARS/CAP mod on the VX5 and all the FRS frequencies programmed in and set on low power.

                    MP3 CD player.

                    Neet-o Eleet-o Swag to sell at my table.

                    Shot glasses - I always stock my room with booze from the store on the corner next to subway.

                    Not sure if I want to also bring along a laptop. I tend not to use it that much and it's just one more thing to keep track of while drunk.
                    "Just when I thought I was out.......They pull me back in"
                    - Neural's Godfather moment


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                      My laptop, and lots of porn dvds


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                        why bother with the porn dvds, there was a guy last year running to all the rooms asking to see your remote control.. if you gave it to him he'd unlock the porn channels free o charge
                        a pc-0x90 by any other name is a nummish..
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                          and then when i see an extra $800 charge on my room bill :\


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                            from what I was told there was no charge.. .I didn't have a room at the AP last year so this is just second hand info..

                            But it _is_ a hacker conference.. remember?
                            a pc-0x90 by any other name is a nummish..
                            Bigger 1:23


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                              - Yeasu FT-50R
                              - Laptop (if I don't kill it right before con... I have a bad track record of doing that)
                              - Lots of clothes and shoes (I'm a chick, 'nuff said)
                              - Bar tools
                              - Speakers, lighting, other entertainment items
                              - Cards with contact info
                              - My homework (I get back just in time for the final reviews)
                              - Power inverter
                              - 802.11b card
                              - Possibly an omni-directional antenna, if I can talk my old boss out of one for the weekend
                              - Anything else that'll fit in my bags!

                              I always pack several days before I leave, and I keep adding things right up to the minute I walk out the door.
                              the fresh princess of 1338

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