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This contest (DC18) mentioned in the news (RSA Con, S.F., CA: HBGary emails...)

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  • This contest (DC18) mentioned in the news (RSA Con, S.F., CA: HBGary emails...)

    While waiting for people that are part of this contest as "players" (play-ahs?) or the people running the contest, it appears it may have been mentioned in the news recently:

    [forum=500]Defcon Social Engineering Contest[/forum] from Defcon 18 mentioned in article:

    February 14, 2011, 8:01PM
    HBGary Emails A Sweet Valentine For Social Engineers(URL1)

    Originally posted by URL1
    Targeted attacks that leverage insider access or leaked information about organizations have figured prominently in some of the most prominent hacks in recent years. In the so-called "Aurora" attacks against Google and other Western technology and defense firms, unknown assailants are believed to have used targeted e-mail messages to high-value employees to plant malicious programs and get access to sensitive internal systems. A social engineering contest at this year's Defcon security conference showed that many prominent organizations are highly vulnerable to e-mail and phone calls soliciting sensitive information that might then be used later as the foundation of a targeted attacks.
    Of course "this year" is incorrect, as that link is to a story from last year's contest.

    Following the next URL gives us:
    September 3, 2010, 5:40PM
    Former Employees a Rich Target in Social Engineering Contest (URL2)

    Originally posted by URL2
    The organizers of the "Capture the Flag" style contest, dubbed "How Strong is Your Schmooze," say ...
    If you as organizers want to change the name of your contest, I can update the forum name to match. Please let us know if you want to change the name to, "How Strong is Your Schmoooze," thanks!

    Last year, official updates and answers came from forum member loganWHD.