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DC19: Official and Unofficial Contests
Defcon Kart at Defcon 19. (site)
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Back for DEFCON 19 - The 10,000¢ Hacker Pyramid!!! Come and be a lucky audience member who will participate with a DEFCON Celebrity in a fast paced game of Pyramid! It may be the last Dick Clark property to be Seacrested... so we're bringing it to you FIRST! Every contestant has a chance at the FABULOUS PRIZES - all the way up to the GRAND PRIZE of 10,000¢!!!!!!! (site),(twitter.)
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Alcoholic Ice Cream Contest. Alcohol. Ice cream. Mix. Serve. Best one wins. (twitter)
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Want to try your hand with digital art for Defcon?
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DEF CON 19 Artwork Contest is Open!
by Club81
Core Security's CoreTex Competitions team running 'Backdoorhiding' with 2 stages; choose one or both & most points wins! 1=[Hide your backdoors in plain sight], 2=[Spot all players backdoors]. (site), (twitter)
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This contest was first held at Defcon 13. What is being planned for this year? More inside. (site)
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Beer Cooling at DEFCON 20
by Thorn
The CannonBall Run to DefCon (site.)
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Last Post: 9 days away
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9 days away
by astcell
Everyone knows Capture The Flag! You don't? Contestants apply l33t skillz in an all out cyber war demonstrating OS, application and network security dominance in order to gain unauthorized access and score points (digital flags) while simultaneously preventing others from doing the same. (site) (twitter)
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CTF in the news, blogs
CTP is a network scavenger hunt. In this challenge, contestants will monitor the network, look for clues, solve puzzles, and win prizes. (signup)
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Capture the Packet - FAQ
For the first time, KoreLogic's Password Cracking Challenge is coming to DEFCON as a contest. 53,000 password hashes in 48 hours? You game? (site), (twitter)
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Twitter Feed
by minga
Coding, compiling, competition, consumption (of alcohol) -- think of the fun! (site), (twitter.)
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Register for Crash and Compile
by Gigs
"Impossible to reseal or reuse". Your goal is to prove them wrong and document your work every step of the way. (site)
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A reverse engineering game. (site), (twitter).
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Last Post: Contest's prizes
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Contest's prizes
Forum for the Defcon 19 badge and badge-like discussion. (twitter), (<a href="Classified%3a%20DTS//FDUO">site</a>)
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[Defcon 19] Writeup?
by jjarmoc
Due to the growing number of awesome beards at DEFCON and the (popularity?) of the shitshow that is beardsmanship, it's time that folks were recognized for letting their unix beards fly. (site), (twitter), (facebook)
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Geo Caching with a digital twist. RFID Caches, Cryptography, Ciphering & GPS reveal digital caches on the Vegas Strip. (site) (twitter)
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Deviant Ollam
Future of the GeoChallenge
RTFR inside and submit to us a short story. The topic may be of your choosing so long as it meets the guidelines in the rules. Read threads inside for more information
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Post-DefCon 19: Discussion
by eris
EFF and Vegas 2.0 present "Hack the Vote" on e-voting machines. Which candidates wins will be determined by the number of votes and your ability to steal them. (site)
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Kamikaze Hot Sauce Wars. You think your favorite is the best? Bring it and maybe you can volunteer life and limb to judge it, too! (site.)
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The Network Forensics Puzzle Contest is a challenging mystery requiring contestants to forensically analyze packet captures (and more!) to uncover an evil plot. (site), (twitter)
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Last Post: Post-Con Updates!
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Post-Con Updates!
by Triskt
Get the answer, provide the questions. Score the most points, and you win!
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Contest run by Deviant, Gringo Warrior asks people to escape a mock Mexican jail. Can you do it?
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Hackers and gamers team up in the coolest gaming tournament at Defcon. Combining a hacking contest with a TF2 tourney, the teams must work together as actions in one environment impact the other. (twitter), (site)
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Last Post: Onsite signups
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Onsite signups
by gdead
The Lock-Picking Village has many demonstrations and some contests. This is a run by mny volunteers such as Deviant and TOOOL-USA. This may include: Points Competition, Lock Field Stripping, Speed Picking Competition, and more!
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Lock-picking in the news/blogs
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Not to be confused with the original Capture the Flag (CTF), OCTF is organized by The Open CTF Group to be played openly by people at Defcon. (Formerly known as the aCTF or "amateur Capture the Flag.") (site).
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Last Post: Playlist
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Project 2 is active. Look for puzzles everywhere in the con, bring your answers to the terminal in the contest area. (site) (Ole Site URL)
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Last Post: Project 2
1 25
Project 2
by zephyr
Discussions for The DefCon Scavenger Hunt. Send suggestions for the scavenger hunt list to scavlist (and here is where the at symbol can be placed) gmail (and of course you need a dot here) com, (Facebook), (twitter.)
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Last Post: Teh Winnars!
4 29
Teh Winnars!
by eris
Returning to Defcon 19, the Crew at is challenging you. We are inviting those of you who think you can use ethical social engineering skills to stretch your limits as a social engineer. A unique blend of information gathering, planning and attack vector execution will challenge the very core of every participant. This will be a different SE challenge as our focus is not on who can “get” the target the worst, but a true display of SE talents. (site) (announced)
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Stories on SECTF2 in news/blogs
The Schemaverse is a space-based strategy game implemented entirely within a PostgreSQL database where you compete against other players using raw SQL commands. Use your SQL skills to interactively command your fleets to glory during this weekend-long tournament for the database geeks. Or, if your PL/pgSQL-foo is strong, wield it to write AI and have your fleet command itself while you enjoy the con!
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Continued discussion
by Abstrct
The one and only Defcon "Spot the Fed" Contest
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Are you a sheep? Maybe you are and don't know it. Think you can herd the sheep to slaughter? Do it! This is the Wall of Sheep. (site), (twitter)
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WoS in the news/blogs
DC19: Official and Unofficial Events
"The findings of this study will help the general public better understand how different intentions of hacking might entail different implications for various social groups."(Quoted, as-is, not claims from forums.)
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Last Post: Details?
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Back for its second year! Take part of the coolest "Bio-Hack" around... register with "Be the Match" at DefCon, and take the first step to become a Bone Marrow Donor. (site), (blog), (twitter), (FaceBook), (Sign-up/Signup).
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DC101 is the Alpha to the closing ceremonies' Omega. It's the place to go to learn about the many facets of Con and to begin your Defconian Adventure. Whether you're a n00b or a long time attendee, DC101 can start you on the path toward maximizing your DefCon Experiences. (site)
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Thanks for DC101 at DC19
by HighWiz
What is Defcon TV? At the Alexis Park (before the Rio) it was many things: a collection of videos recorded at Defcon. Later it was a "Movies" channel with hacker-approved movies, then movies with "Defcon Filler Videos" between movies, then it included video and audio of presentation tracks, pumped into rooms. What will it be this year?
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4 49
Deviant Ollam
DEFCON Filler archive
Focused on content for beginner hackers age 8-16, we have a classroom for kids to participate in demos and workshops, such as learning how to open Master locks, Google Hacking, making Electronics, Social Engineering, coding in Scratch and Communicating in Code. (site), (twitter)
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4 100
Defcon Kids in the news (Part 2)
TBA (Last year: "Massage Table in the Contest Area": There are plans to have a massage table in the contest room. A person has contacted a goon to make arrangements for this, and more information is expected soon. This description and the title for this forum may change once more is known about it.)
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Massage returns to DEFCON 19!
Defcon Radio will be streaming live radio action 24/7 during the con. Speaker interviews,news,party coverage...correspondants will crawl the trenches of con to bring you entertainment. Are you not entertained?
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Las Vegas, targets, people, weapons, fun. (site.)
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Epic Win! Thank You DEFCON Shoot
by Picch
Hackers, Karaoke... What more do you need to know? Time: ... Location: ... (site), (twitter.)
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by seeess
Want to get a license as a Ham or upgrade your license?
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Just as the name implies, this is a forum for discussion of the new Hardware Hacking Village. (Wiki: HHV plans)
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Get your head buzzed at DC 19 to support the EFF! (twitter) ()
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MohawkCon in the news
Q: What can you get a hacker that has it all?!?
A: How about some blood & bone marrow!
(Twitter: #BloodKode)
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Back for a fourth blowout year, Skytalks are presentations (55-110 min) that are designed to overclock your brain with cutting edge information about sensitive topics that you might not be able to freely discuss or research from the privacy of your own home, workplace, or favorite con. (Facebook), (twitter)
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Everything you always wanted to know about wireless (802.11, bluetooth, RFID) and Amateur Radio all in one place. The Defcon 19 Wireless Village is the place you will want to be. Stop by, listen, learn and have fun.
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View the DefCon network activity as a 3D model, in real time. Take a turn flying through it and trying to find your friends. Try to set off the IDS in to make a cool visual. See if it's really "the most hostile network on Earth." (site)
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1 11
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2 37
what are people's opinions?
DC19: Official and Unofficial Parties and Social Gatherings
Your hacker oasis in the Vegas desert! A place to socialize, kick it, and partake/watch contests that merge hacking and the arts. (twitter), (FaceBook)
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(Temporary Description) This private party is NOT run by Defcon Staff, but is instead created through hard work and contributions by the 303 for the 303 and many people at Defcon.
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This private party is NOT run by Defcon Staff, but is instead created by the 312 for the 312 and the many people at Defcon Saturday Night. (twitter), (site)
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the 312 crew party - saturday night
by zfasel
A workspace like the "Hardware Hacking Village" but devoted to Arduino Development. Since a lot of people have them and have never bothered to learn how to use them.
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Last Post: Arduino Workshop?
1 15
Arduino Workshop?
by LosT
Rent bicycles, hire a guide, and endure a 2 Hour bike ride in the Las Vegas heat! Got Water? (Join List/Form), (twitter), (#hacktheheat)
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Last Post: Wed night prep
6 41
Wed night prep
by wreq5
Got rants? Did you just experience an antic of awesome measure? Are you about 10 seconds from passing out in the hallway? Post here!
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19 116
Closed until ~Defcon 19
The Defcon Goon Band, Recognize, to play in the SECRET LOCATION at Defcon 19! (Where "Secret Location" is TBA.)
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4 27
An informal gathering of people on the forums at Defcon. (twitter), (#DFM19)
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7 209
I.T. Warrior
DefCon 19 Forum Meet
Pools, hackers, sunburns, dragons?, rappers, djs, musicians, spies & interactives! (twitter), (FaceBook)
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7 58
The Official DC19 Pool Parties
The Hackbus is the most entertaining method of going to Defcon from the SF bay area. It also carries passengers to the Defcon Shoot and the Toxic BBQ. (Site), (Twitter), (Facebook), (Forum(external link))
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The HackBus trip to Defcon 19
(Temporary Description) This private party is NOT run by Defcon Staff, but is instead created through hard work and contributions by Ninja Networks for many people at Defcon. (site) , (twitter)
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2 19
Ninja Badge / Party 2011 - CANCELED
by seeess
Pre-Defcon party at the Alexis Park - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. (site)
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2 44
Open to everyone, but goaled to including GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered) Hackers at Defcon-- its a party within Defcon! (site) (facebook)
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5 22
Queercon Observations
Summary: theSummit is a Fund Raiser for the Electronic Frontier Foundation on Thursday Night between Black Hat and DEF CON events.(twitter), (site)
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3 11
Where planning and discussion about the Toxic BBQ Event takes place. (site.)
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