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  • History Archive Research Project

    As this is one of the longest running contests, both officially and unofficially, at DefCon, it occurs to me that an archive would be really fun and interesting. So many excellent individuals and groups have put so much time and genius into it over the years, I feel the efforts should be preserved.

    To this end, I have begun a personal research project to accumulate as much information, media, and personal experiences as I can for eventual inclusion in a website archive. I have already begun sharing some of what I have found on my own on the DefCon Scavenger Hunt Facebook page.

    So, if you ever participated in the Hunt, helped run the Hunt, was accosted, waylaid, spindled or mutilated by the Hunt teams at DefCon, share your story! If you have pictures or video or can scan old lists, please send it all to or message me here on the forum. Do you still have some item you had to find? Take a picture and send it in, along with a brief history of the item and how it was obtained! Just want to tell us what you saw as you walked, oh so innocently, down the strip or through the casino or convention floor that turned out to be part of the Hunt? Send it on!

    All due credit for all media and reports will of course be given, my intention is not to steal any information or respect but to ensure that everyone who has ever been involved gets remembered in years to come. Keep in mind, of course, as much due diligence as I can do will be done. Great stories are fun but great stories can be fact checked too!

    As always, please feel free to submit your crazy ideas for Hunt list items to We may not use em, but then again, maybe we will.
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