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  • Puzzles Are In The Works

    Seeing as how all my gear got swiped last year. I've spent quite a bit of time thinking up puzzles for this years game. I have some ready to go, while others are requiring a fair bit of fabrication.

    As of now the contest is a go, but I have so much work ahead it looks endless at this point.
    This years game should be much harder than the first.

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    Re: Puzzles Are In The Works

    Everything is coming together nicely...
    The new website is up and running, backend for the contestants is in the works, new scoring methods are being put together for this years contest, sponsors have been contacted, and many of the puzzles have been completed..

    I'm definitely making up for canceling last years contest and then some.
    Prepare to be "Puzzled"


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      Re: Puzzles Are In The Works

      Just like all other great events at Defcon, we are 15 days and counting down, and half the GeoCaches are still to be created. Source code is still being written, puzzles are still being generated. Contest badges are on order and have not arrived yet, prizes are supposedly on their way in the mail, and many other loose ends are still being finished up.

      Just this weekend I devoted a day and a half to rewriting some source code, and reworking some electronics. It wouldn't be a Defcon event if everything didn't come together at the very last moment.

      I can see myself swapping drivers on the 20 hour drive to Defcon so I can sit in the passengers seat and write code. There's a power inverter in the car as well which as awful as the thought seems means I could solder as well if needed.