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Hotels Near the Rio

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    Re: Hotels Near the Rio

    Originally posted by Bbox View Post

    Make sure you attend Defcon 101, it is one of the most valuable things you can do to make your Defcon experience great. Many think it's just for newbie's, however I have learned something valuable from it every year I attended. It will be so worth the time you invest.

    Also make sure you come to the Forum Meet, it's a great way to put faces to the words on this forum and also meet new people. Make an avatar badge with your Forum info ( see how at this link )

    Wear it throughout the con so it will be easy for the rest of us to see your forum name and say Hi.
    Originally posted by Zorlac View Post
    +1 for DEFCON 101, as a noob last year, it was great to get a small taster of what to do, what NOT to do, what to expect, etc.
    DefCon noob here, so this info is invaluable.


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      Re: Hotels Near the Rio

      Gold Coast completely sold out on their website and on "deal" sites. They probably have some "last minute guest" rooms available but those are often twice the price. Rio also booked out, obv. Alexis Park, ten min drive away, is open and affordable at less than $500 total for a week stay. Near it is the Extended Stay ones I believe. And the Hard Rock casino/hotel. I just booked so cab share each day is quite likely, from that area.
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