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    Pink Dragon
    by Jet Lynx

    I was very serious in all that I told you in November, as we gazed upon that pattered menu board before us. I was honest in everything I said and gave to you. I know I startled you, but then you believed.

    Your velvet lush blue violets seeping right out of you on to me… Oohh, where we touched felt like rowan crimson peppermints puffy spheres pillowing all over me.

    Not sure, for sure that you got or retrieved that second e-mail I mentioned to you then… I have been afraid to contact you again, afraid that they might hurt you. But! There has been much gathering. Universally… can you feel them too? They have begun to bend the spectrum and are working their way thru. I’m just glad they don’t know how to crinkle it, only of few of us can and have ever been able to.

    Performing it is correct in your assertions to me, as I wept thru most of our conversations. But you, as you thru time, had always held consultation for anyone’s needs. As again, you did prove to me.

    Bigger I said, I thought it much larger than that. And you quite agreed…

    You have been a radical one, to me a dangerous companion to keep. But, I think you have mellowed with age a bit… Like all good Scotch should be.

    Only Three… I have read, No… not the others... They told of their futures. Knowing already what they say, I did not need to see. You, a gritty one it is certain, the grinding of stones sparked embrace.

    They just want to kill them you know, as they strike out against their own lives. Like leading cattle to slaughter they just let them hang there and bleed. What will matter, in time and space is that the right ones survived.

    The man that brought you there, that night did ask of me over and over… He didn’t recognize, but he partly already knew. You should know, I did allow him to see thru the snow covered spruce trees burning flicker… She there, speaking to me. But you saw too… If you choose to remember it. Did you not like what I did to you? I thought it time to seep and his key cast upon your last book to me. For the reasons you wrote for all to see. He will be fine… don’t worry. I just sort of made him feel drunk a little bit for a moment or that whole year he thinks.

    How many provings must be shown and given back to them. How long until they listen. Always with their destructions and chunked up half bitten realities. They know not of their own kind or of its abilities. You speak of the leaves and I for the animal… the forged caustic reality burning through on to them, will surely change them. It has already begun.

    I have included a few of my writings for you to read, but I won’t send these to them… I am just submitting this one. Besides that… they probably already have them… You should see how much stuff they have sucked off of me… kind of flattering and hairy scary at the same time. But thru it all, I have been happy that some of them listened and acted upon them.

    You would be amazed at the things I have seen and done to them… having TSA jumping after our meeting was invigorating. I have decided to call this message to you Pink Dragon, with a picture of one of mine… I captured on my cell phone for you to see. I will only tell you his name in person though… As he is not much into sharing me.

    I was too, going to mention to you… I will be by the oceans side in the next month… wondering if you might have more time for me. As you probably can tell, there is a lot to discuss and our time is growing shorter each day.
    And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts, And I looked and behold: a pale horse. And his name, that sat on him, was Death. And Hell followed with him.

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    Re: Pink Dragon

    The prose is overwrought and very purple. I don't see the theme of the contest reflected anywhere. Excellent examples of advanced vocabulary words.
    "They-Who-Were-Google are no longer alone. Now we are all Google."


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      Re: Pink Dragon

      I rather like it in a (O_o) sort of way.