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Gear up for TEH AWESOME!!!11!!!!

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  • Gear up for TEH AWESOME!!!11!!!!

    Hey folks - it's that time again. The time where I realize that it's WEEKS until DEFCON and I've got NOTHING done.


    I need:

    = Assistant Judges for Mort - he's such an in-demand-dude that he tends to leave during the middle of the contest.

    = A Selection of Pretty Girls (and Boys) to be onstage hostesses (I've got two, need at least two to three more)

    = CELEBRITIES (Yes, I'm even going to let Spacerogue and Beaker play against each other despite the fact that they are both Celebrities)

    = TECHIES - In addition to the FABULOUS work that @Wintr has done on the new game management system, we still need people to help out with that, to hump prizes around, to corral the crowds, to keep the show on time, to... well... everything.

    = PRIZES - The show runs entirely on donations - we need cool/bizarre/as-seen-on-tv/nerdy/what-the-fuck-ever prizes to give away. And frankly, we're all poor. Please donate prizes. If you're a company, we will shill you like good little showbiz bitches if you give us stuff.

    = CONTESTANTS - YOU WILL NEED TO BE PRESCREENED THIS YEAR. Look for more details as we get closer.

    = CATEGORIES - I'm ok reusing previous years' work, but if you've got an idea for a category, toss it into the internets and tell it to go to me. Look for examples on the website


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    Re: Gear up for TEH AWESOME!!!11!!!!

    I can help be an ASS judge...err assistant judge I mean :) Or anything else that is needed
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      Re: Gear up for TEH AWESOME!!!11!!!!

      I could help if you need though i have no experience with it so i may not help much
      i laugh too hard at myself far too often to care about laughing at other people


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        Re: Gear up for TEH AWESOME!!!11!!!!

        Not sure when, what, or where...but i'll track you down and offer to help whilst i'm there :)
        An object at rest, cannot be stopped!


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          Re: Gear up for TEH AWESOME!!!11!!!!

          That sounds more like a threat to me!
          DJ Jackalope
          dopest dj in the galaxy. *mwah!*

          send in the drop bears!