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DEFCON Shoot participant and lane registration

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  • DEFCON Shoot participant and lane registration

    So, i think that i have ironed out all of the bugs and kinks and i have the DEFCON Shoot registration system online...

    ... i have leveraged the PayPal back-end in order to cap the lane and attendee numbers. According to Merlin's measurements (which i had him double-check, so we could be certain) we should have room for 35 public shooting lanes. (There will be 12 tables and tents on the "A" range, and an additional 7 on the "B" range. With two lanes apiece, that makes 38 lanes total... but three of them are reserved for free-of-charge use by my volunteers)

    I have allotted 100 spaces for attendees, plus some additional spaces for Military (who get a significant discount) and for citizens of countries that don't allow firearm ownership (who get a small discount)... if we have a substantial number of Military folk who register and we hit the hard limit, i'll increase that.

    I also have the system set up to alert me when spaces get low. I'll post again here when things get tight on available space. Please feel free to reply below if you have any trouble with the registration system.
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    Re: DEFCON Shoot participant and lane registration

    edit: nm I found what i was looking for
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