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    Haha, reminds me of when the phone company fucked up the lines and put one of my neighbors across the street and tied it into my line... anyhow I could hear their convo's but they couldn't here me... until i grounded one of my lines... i kept calling the operators and letting them know i could hear this lady calling her banks and giving out info.. and no matter what I said they never fixed it... so one day I dropped the line and started chatting with the lady... she freaked out, and hung up.

    so what I did was have the phone call itself back.. so it rung and she answered it, i told her that it was her phone calling her back and that i prefer to remain anon and at the same time get this issue fixed.. so I called out on her line and called the operator and explaind that i was calling her via the other person's line that was tied into mine... and she checked the number.. but then wanted to know my number and my location.. I told her she should know.. and she said all she was was this ladies number...
    she theorized that either the telco tech crossed a line, or some moisture was causing this short on a broken line somewhere...

    after the call the problem got worse.. now i started getting the other person's rings.. it would ring , i would pick it up and say hello, and they wouldn't say anything, but i would hear it ringing.. and the person breathing on the other side... and then i would hear it pick up... and those two wouldl start talking.. i was in this strange monitor mode... so i would drop the line by grounding it again.. and then be able to talk to them... it was getting so annoying and so often that the lady would tell whoever was on the line not to mind me because the phone company couldn't fix their issues... HOW LAME IS THAT!...

    anyway the issue was resolved after one night some drunk bastard hit the switch box on the street... of course those telco bitches had to rewire the box by hand...


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      i have a few ideas... posting them would be foolish

      there is fun to be had
      if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.


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        Mmmm, telco THAT would be fun to pick!


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          Originally posted by c0nv3r9
          i have a few ideas...
          Hmmm rot13 them.. they will never figure it out. ;)