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Registration for Hacker Jeopardy XIX is now open!

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  • Registration for Hacker Jeopardy XIX is now open!

    #1 Favorite: HACKER JEOPARDY
    Registration for Hacker Jeopardy XIX is now open!

    The Longest Running and Most Popular DefCon Game - Asking Embarrassing Questions Since DC 2!

    * Schwag * Booze * Vanna * Filth * Booze * Beer Betty * Humiliation * Geeks * Winn * Booze * Degradation * GMark *


    Round 1: Friday 5 Aug 2100 (9 p.m.)
    Round 2: Friday 5 Aug 2200 (10 p.m.)
    Round 3: Saturday 6 Aug 2100 (9 p.m.)
    FINALS: Saturday 6 Aug 2200 (10.p.m.)

    Seating area fills up fast -- get there early.

    FULL BAR available for audience (21 and over).

    Wanna Play? Submit Your Team by FOLLOWING THESE INSTRUCTIONS:

    Send an e-mail to HackerJeopardy [at] gmail [dot] com that includes:
    1. Your team name
    2. Real names (we protect), handles, and cell #s for each player
    (Total of three players for team)
    3. Essay question: "Why last year's HJ players sucked and why we should play instead" in 100 words or less

    We'll draw for teams 1 hour before rounds, so don't wait till the last minute!

    - G. Mark
    Check out the HACKER JEOPARDY forum at

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    Re: Registration for Hacker Jeopardy XIX is now open!

    We've had some really smart teams in the past, but we seem to be overwhelmed with shitty teams. GMark and I will be walking around with questions. Find us. Pass our test (this is not a fuck with your head thing; just a sanity check that you even know the name of Haile Selassi's defunct empire or what port 8115 does, or that maybe you can recite jabberworkcy backwards. Nothing hard. The audience has commanded us to do this. Cheers!
    WInn Schwartau

    If you cant find my phone number you shouldn't be calling me anyway. :-)