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Hackerspace Donation Box Challenge!

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  • Hackerspace Donation Box Challenge!

    We still need more entries!

    Tell your friends!

    Hackerspace Challenge

    Hey there non-profit hackerspace. Bet you want a piece of the donation pie don’t ya?

    Mohawk-Con will have a spot on the contest floor. We will line up the donation boxes for any non-profit hackerspace that provides a box.

    You are competing for donations. Creating a donation receptacle is only the first step. Each time we shave a hawk, the recipient will select a box to put their money in. Be creative, over the top, so the mohawk-ee chooses your hackerspace! Lights, moving parts, and interaction are all encouraged!

    The name of your hackerspace must be clearly visible on the donation receptacle.

    The entire receptacle must be no larger than 12″W x 24″H x 12″D.

    Donation boxes will be supervised by Mohawk-Con staff. It is however, a hectic environment and we are not responsible for some asshole breaking/running off with your box. You may lock your donations, but please provide us with a key.

    You are responsible for getting your donation box to and from DEFCON. We will update you on when/where one of us will be available to receive your box closer to con.

    Please, no goatse donation box. We reserve the right to turn down your donation box. Just don’t be an ass about it and we’re cool.

    To enter, send an email to mar at mohawkcon dot org and include the following:
    1) Your name (Your legal name plskthx)
    2) Your Hackerspace
    3) Brief description/theme of what you’re planning.

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    Re: Hackerspace Donation Box Challenge!

    I emailed Mar, but I won't be able to deliver on the box after all due to shortfall of time (and a snafu around tool acquisition). I'll cache the design optimistically for next year.

    I will, however, look forward to seeing what others bring to the table come my turn to donate.
    if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.


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      Re: Hackerspace Donation Box Challenge!

      thanks, and hooray!

      pass on the word to any other hackerspaces, so they can enter. :)