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  • Welcome to Backdoorhiding !

    Quick intro

    Two in one Backdoor Hiding/Finding Contest (participate in either or both): In the first stage, hiding participants provide a source code hiding a backdoor, in the second stage organizers mix the source codes with non-backdoored (placebos), and then ask finding participants to spot the placebos. Hiding participants get hiding points for being voted as a placebo and finding participants get points for spotting the placebos and negative points for false positives.
    Contest Description

    The contest includes two games: a backdoor hiding and a backdoor finding contest which are played simultaneously. This is a multi-player game, which is played in two stages. The timeline is included below.

    Prizes are being announced in the webpage.


    Stage 1 (hiding): All participants registered for the backdoor hiding game are given a set of requirements for a software program. Before the deadline, they must submit the source code for a program that fulfills these requirements plus includes a backdoor. They must also send a description explaining how to exploit the backdoor.

    Stage 2 (finding): All players registered are given a bundle with the different pieces of source code. To each bundle the organizers will add a few placebos (source codes that fulfill the requirements but should not include a backdoor). Before a deadline, the players must answer for each source code if they believe it includes a backdoor or not.

    The winners of each game are the ones that accumulate the most points. Here is the table for computing points (which can be positive or negative) for the finding contest:

    Scoring Table -------------- Placebo ------------------- Backdoored
    Correctly Identified ------- 5 (voted as placebo) ------ 2 (voted as backdoored)
    Incorrectly Identified ----- -1 (voted as backdoored) -- -12 (voted as placebo)

    For the hiding contest, it’s simpler: each time one player’s source code was voted as non-backdoored, the player is given 1 point. The participants with most points at the backdoor hiding contest will win.

    The contest is not restricted to any particular programming language.


    - July 1st, we open registration at contest web site:

    - July 18th, starting of hiding stage and publication of requeriments.

    - August 3rd, end of hiding stage and first control of the juty.

    - August 4th, opening of finding stage.

    - August 6th, contest closing and announcement of winners.

    Register now, have fun, and see you at DEFCON 19 !