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Massage returns to DEFCON 19!

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  • Massage returns to DEFCON 19!


    I'm writing to announce some massive niftiness akin to the massive niftiness from last year. Artful Touch Massage of Seattle, sponsored by Serenity Massage of Los Angeles, will be offering massage services in the contest area of DEFCON again this year. The cost is $20 for 15 minutes, first come first served kind of thing.

    We will have a chair, as well as a table, and two practitioners. The idea is to work with people in their clothes, offering rejuvenating, mainly oil-free Thai and Sport massage, so when you want to take a breather or get your neck funk worked out, you can do so without a lot of fuss or cost. It's a bit like those airport massage stations you see around - Except, you know, we're good.

    I, (Courtnee of Artful Touch) have been frequenting DEFCON since 1995, and occasionally reported for the Hacker News Network ( I've been around a while and know y'all need some effing massage, and have been in practice since 2008 in WA state.

    I'll have a cohort this year, as Jessica will not be attending con (but plans to return next year.), and I'll update the forum with information about her once I have her blurb to post.

    Learn more about me at my website:

    This thing was popular last year, and looks to be a hit this year too - if you're a licensed massage therapist and might want to do a shift at the booth this year, give me a jingle. I'd love to see less of a waiting line!

    Take care of you,

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    Re: Massage returns to DEFCON 19!

    Glad to hear you're making it back out! It was a treat last year to finish off a shift and get a good back/shoulder massage.

    --one of your friendly, neighborhood vendor goons
    Aut disce aut discede