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  • Thank you to everyone

    Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who showed up and made this event a success. At the very beginning i was actually saying to the teams that i didn't want to try to run it anymore, due to some of the hiccups we faced...

    The hotel was freaking out about all the hardware that looked essentially like bombs and scariness... and we were being pushed around a bit on issues relating to location as well as the booze.

    Still and all, the participants were absolutely wonderful. They carted and shouldered their huge pipes to and fro, eventually setting up and getting down to business. We saw amazing work from team He-Brew, Ad-Hoc, the Piss Chillers, as well as Party Party 'N Yeah. In the end, Team Sax seemed to be the ones who produced the coldest results in the most consistent manner (and they achieved this goal the fastest, i believe)

    Still... as with all years (and due to the unofficial nature of the contest) i like to give accolades to all teams in various ways, so i'll also shout out big to...

    Ad-Hoc for having the most frightening contraption. It looked like a 4' long pipe bomb and actively had blow torches applying hot flame to the side of it at times (in order to liquify contained dry ice and make liquid CO2, as it turns out)

    He-Brew for still having the best attitude around, smiling even when i was frowning and reminding me that we are all there to have fun. Also, Spam's research was nothing short of amazing, coordinating with a professor from Princeton to discuss the actual physics and thermodynamics involved with cooling beer.

    The Piss Chillers for having the loudest contraption we've seen in quite some time (not since Nuclear Steve and JVR was there a compressor at a BCCC event) and watching it simply eat its way through cans.

    And especially Party Party 'N Yeah from the Null Space Labs for being so awesome and gracious over the final results. They were last year's champions and they came back with a vengeance... it was a really hard-fought battle between them and Sax at the end. I was a little tipsy and just working off quick math when i declared Sax the winner... but i surely hope that the NSL guys will return, bigger and badder than ever.

    now, a note about next year...

    This DEFCON nearly killed me. The various events that i have either started or which i now oversee have grown really popular and tend to bleed into one another on my schedule in ways that i never considered. between the DC Shoot (wed night setup, thurs late teardown), BCCC (friday afternoon... followed this year by speaking on friday), Gringo Warrior (saturday all day, preceded this year by speaking that morning), and the Lockpick Village (where i stayed all day sunday just giving talks, except when i was speaking at DEFCON Kids that morning) i was really just going nuts.

    I love the Beer Cooling Contraption Contest. the attendees who stop by and see all the fun seem to enjoy it, too. and the participants must get some good fun out of it or else they wouldn't put themselves through it every year.

    I want to see it continue, but i do not think i'll be the lead person at the helm in the future. Ad-Hoc, Spam, and some of the other regulars spoke very strongly in support of the event and offered to volunteer to spearhead it in the future... i am more than happy to see that happen.

    Watch the forums here for chatter about how things will go next time, and i look forward to discussing future plans, etc. etc.
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