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Gringo Warrior went out with a bang!

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  • Gringo Warrior went out with a bang!

    All good things must come to an end. LosT had the good sense to retire his Mystery Challenge when it was at the height of its popularity, the DC Shoot went away during a period of highest attendance, and CTF organizers step down when they're at their most successful.

    As with all good things, life goes on... LosT did a great job with a cool badge challenge this year, the DC Shoot has come back after a hiatus, and CTF is always awesome and evolving. Keeping things from becoming stagnant is something i believe in.

    As such, i think i'm going to stand by my original notion of retiring Gringo Warrior now.

    That's not saying there's no chance of doing a Brett Favre and sort of teetering on the edge of retirement for a while... but personally i'd like to build something new. I've had some notions in my mind for quite some time, and am willing to reveal the following plans...

    1. Anything that replaces Gringo Warrior will still be a game that heavily-features lockpicking and physical penetration.

    2. The new game will involve at least a two-person team (possibly a three-person team, but that's less likely)

    3. A virtual space (with "rooms" and "doors" that have to be passed, etc) will still be the overall lay of the land

    4. Electronic locks and other wiring elements will be a focal point

    5. There will be multiple avenues for possible scoring, and much like with Gringo Warrior people of widely varying skill should be able to play. Top scores will be seen when people achieve multiple objectives, but even a few small accomplishments will get you on the board.

    6. i suspect that as much as 10 minutes of time will be the window of opportunity for each team, as opposed to 5 minutes like in Gringo Warrior. (It may be more like 7 or 8, however)

    7. The first reveal of this new contest will be at ShmooCon 2012.

    8. The new contest's name will be Black Bag.
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