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    URL1=Oracle loses the social engineering competition at Defcon Lawrence Latif, Mon Aug 08 2011, 13:14

    Originally posted by URL1
    During the weekend, researchers at Defcon highlighted how easy it is for would-be 'hackers' to get employees of large companies to divulge information that could be used in attacks. The approach, known as social engineering, essentially results in sensitive information being acquired through subterfuge rather than stolen.
    URL2=Smooth talk a slick hacker tool Agence France-Presse , 7:34 pm | Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

    Originally posted by URL2
    A “Schmooze Strikes Back” contest challenged hackers to test their “social engineering” skills on companies such as Apple, Oracle, Symantec, and Walmart. The contest debuted at the annual DefCon gathering in Las Vegas last year.

    “The results are worse than they were last year,” said Chris Hadnagy, a social engineering specialist running the contest.
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