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Crash And Compile 3: THE REVENGE

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    Re: Crash And Compile 3: THE REVENGE

    Originally posted by Krissy View Post
    My overriding goal in life is to win the scavenger hunt, so I wasn't going to participate in C&C this year. That said, I'm a founding member of Team Distraction, and the Psychoholics are very determined that I come back to distract them (and the rest of the heterosexual males who compete) I also have an exceedingly distracting little green and black number that I haven't worn outside a fitting room yet. The universe is forcing me return. I think I may have to give in.

    I'm still going to win the scavenger hunt though, and do it while giving up an evening to get drunk and play with you guys. Take that all the other scavengers!

    Krissy was a big reason why I entered Crash & Compile the second year. :) She was distracting enough from the audience the first year. It wouldn't be the same without her!
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