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    Okay seems to be some confusion on my part as to who is volunteering.

    So lets do this. If you want to volunteer for the HHV send me a email to with HHV in the subject line and your return email, name etc. The subject line is very important as I am getting tons of email and need to be able to fine your emails easily.

    Okay what do the volunteers do?
    #1 You help me manage the area which includes the following:
    a. help secure the equipment from getting damaged or walking off.
    b. make sure people are not burning the place down or damaging the RIO property
    c. help guide people to where they can get help or answer questions
    d. help me setup , clean up after each day and tear down on the last day

    #2 How much electronics background do you need?
    Well no set requirement as we all have different skills and honestly the crowd in the room is usually pretty
    good and you can find someone that knows the answer. Its pretty impressive on the amount of knowledge walking
    the halls of DEFCON.

    #3 What do I get for helping?
    You get to meet a lot of people, participate in a DEFCON event and I plan on giving each of the volunteers a
    few kits (same ones that will be sold) so you can have fun, build something and look cool!!

    If you have any questions about volunteering feel free to PM me or email me with HHV in the subject line or just post them below. I am getting more time to dedicate to the HHV right now so I apologize if you already sent me your info as I just want to confirm who we have. Once I get the names and email I will send out a group email with more details.

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    Re: HHV Volunteers

    Email was sent to all the names I received from people wanting to be volunteers. If you did not get the email then please email me again at and put HHV in the subject.




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      Re: HHV Volunteers

      This weekend (July 13-14) I will be finalizing the list and sending out more info.


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        Re: HHV Volunteers

        Originally posted by bombnav View Post
        This weekend (July 13-14) I will be finalizing the list and sending out more info.
        I'm running a few days behind... info coming...


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          Re: HHV Volunteers


          Hi I am at the con. How do we meet?


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            Re: HHV Volunteers

            At Noon today if you are a volunteer swing by the HHV. We will not be offically open yet but it will be a good time to meet and greet and to set shifts and explain what is going on. If you have a talk you want to attended then send me a email (use the email you received).